Formula 1 Goes Electric at Sportel Monaco

Alejandro Agag meeting the International Press (Rd)Today the lobby of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco was bursting with media representatives from all over the world who were not stopped by the pouring rain on the first day of Sportel, the World Sports Content Media Convention that runs through Thursday, October 17. They were anxious to meet Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E Holdings who oversees the development and operations of the newly formed Formula E Global Championship, and Peter Hutton, COO of MP & Silva a leading international media rights company, who both announced their plans for the first FIA Formula E Championship following the trend towards environmentally friendly cars. Their motto is “The Future is electric.”

Alejandro Agag climbed on the platform where the zero emission shining silver Spark Renault SRT_01E was exposed, to tell the media about the new FIA championship featuring newly developed high performance race cars powered exclusively by electric energy and capable of reaching more than 200 mph, catapulting their vision of the motor industry into the future. The Winter To Summer Motor Racing Championship will be held in city centres around the world, with the provisional calendar starting with Round 1 in Beijing, China on September 20, 2014, to continue the rest of the year in Putrajaya (Malaysia), Hong Kong and Punta del Este (Uruguay). From there they will move to Buenos Aires (Argentina) in January 2015 to continue in the USA in Los Angeles and Miami, to debut in Monte-Carlo, Monaco on May 9, 2015 (subject to ASN approval.), then Berlin and last but not least London. Qualifying and racing will be on the same day, with each race lasting about 1 hour, the car batteries will last up to 25 minutes at a time, so drivers will have to switch cars during the race while their batteries recharge, but tyre changes will not be permitted unless for a puncture. The driver will enter the pits, then get out of the car and run 100 meters to get into the freshly charged car.  Top speed will be about 225 km/h and 0-60mph in about 3 seconds. Retired CART and Formula One driver Michael Andretti, owner of  Andretti Autosport announced they have signed on as the third team to compete in the environmentally friendly championship. Agag who began his professional career in Spanish politics in the 80’s was elected Member of the European Parliament and in 2002 moved to London to form a telecom, energy and media consultancy firm. In 2007 the Financial Times named him as one of the 10 “shaker and movers” of the Spanish economy, and the following year GQ Magazine elected him Spanish “Businessman of the Year.” He plunged in sport acquiring the Formula One television rights for Spain, expanding the F1 in that country.  Agag firmly believes in the need to capture a younger audience, so there is a video game in development that will allow fans watching TV to race in real time with the competitors. He added that for children who are 10 years old today, their first car should be an electric.


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