Young dancers display their talents

Luca Masala being interviewed by the TV

Luca Masala TV interview

Yesterday the Atelier of the Ballets of Monte-Carlo was buzzing with excitement, as the first of the two-day show by the young talents of the Princess Grace Dance Academy was going to commence in front of a standing room audience of dance enthusiasts and advocates. Two surprise guests made an spontaneous appearance to support the students, no other than HRH The Princess of Hanover and her younger daughter Princess Alexandra joined the public on first row.

The Director of the Academy Luca Masala introduced the “Imprevus” (the unexpected) that this time around would reveal the secrets of a dance school based on excellence and artistic variety propelling their students to achieve their most passionate dreams. It was then the turn to the students to appear on stage and take the microphone to introduce themselves in their own language revealing more than fifteen nationalities that populate the school. The spectacle started with a typical day at the Academy, practising at the barre, following the indications of their teachers and performing rehearsed pieces and improvised numbers, to culminate in a waltz with the participation of all the dancers to the applause and cheers of the public. These young students will become the stars of tomorrow.


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