Wedding bells, cakes and more…

Cinderela'sThis weekend the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco is holding the Fashion, Beauty and Wedding Festival organized by Daily Fashion with the participation of around 130 exhibitors from the world of marriage and fashion.  I was excited with the anticipation of visiting a salon that included the magic universe of weddings, and the parade of Classic Cars at the entrance was a presage of an interesting exhibition inside. Classic CarsUnfortunately, that was not the case as the quality of the exhibits was not up to my high expectations of good taste, sophistication and glamour, except for some glorious exceptions of which I will mention just a few.

Caterina & IvanaLet’s start with the Cherry Blossom Garden Party, an imaginative fairytale like co-production by Caterina Reviglio Sonnino, decorator of receptions and Ivana Alessandri from Image Consultants International (AICI), both established in Monaco, with quality catering by Rovida Signorelli a tradition from Piamonte. Caterina specializes in the art of the table and etiquette, with a style that blends French charm and Italian design allowing her to create an elegant ambiance for weddings, anniversaries and any kind of parties. She has collaborated with Hermes, Bernardaud and Lalique, and her book “The table is served” has received the “Best Entertaining World Book” award by the Eduard Cointreau Academy. Ivana is a Personal Stylist at the Metropole Shopping Centre with a private and professional clientele of men and women, who really knows how to put together the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Table setting by Negro RecivimentiThe exhibit by Negro Ricevimenti from Savona was a class act and it was a clear sign that they would fulfil their promise of organizing the reception of your dreams with passion, professionalism and style. Counting with qualified personnel and state of the art equipment they are able to prepare a variety of contemporary trendy menus while remaining loyal to the Mediterranean cuisine.

Because there is no great wedding without a special cake, I recommend Sheela’s Wedding Cakes from Marseille that are delicious and refined. It was a rather small booth with the beautiful cakes as its only decoration. British Sheela Ragaven creates edible works of art for any kind of celebration, each one of them personalized according to your taste, from the flavour of the cake passing by the colour and the decorations.

Vltimo Boutique from Bordighera in neighbouring Italy presented a highly professional and attractive stand displaying magnificent wedding robes with elegant models.  A family tradition for more than twenty years, Vltimo has their own tailors providing made-to-measure clothing putting their experience and professionalism to the service of the client, with great taste, flair and attention to detail.

A salon to be successful must impose a minimum of high standard requirements for the benefit of all the participants, and specially the visitors who deserve the excellence that the Principality is well known for.


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