Monaco Says NO to Violence!

SV & Vibeke

Stephane Valeri and Vibeke Brask Thomsen of Gender Hopes

Say No to Violence baby photoThe young Monegasque nonprofit organization GenderHopes, dedicated to put an end to gender-based discrimination, joined forces with Femmes Leaders Mondiales Monaco, to launch an informative website about domestic violence support on November 25, 2013, marking the International Day to End Violence against Women. On that same day Monaco Info TV will air the interviews of Paul Masseron, Minister of Interior and Stephane Valeri, Minister of Health and Social Affairs who support this initiative. The website is the end result of extensive and careful research within the Principality, to identify the resources already available to individuals who are suffering from domestic abuse and inform them where to go and who they should contact for help. aims to make people aware of their rights and list the resources at their disposal. The website will be available in French and English, with Italian and Russian versions to follow suit. The site also features a photo campaign where members of the community show their support, for those experiencing domestic violence, by taking photos of themselves with a message of hope. You may also participate by emailing your photo with a message to A detailed informative brochure is also under preparation and will be distributed in schools, doctors’ offices, hospital and other relevant places. Women and the men who love them together can make a difference!

For more information visit:

Gender Hopes

Femmes Leaders Mondiales Monaco


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