Laure Fissore Exhibits Russian Impressions Artwork

Evelina & LaureMonegasque young painter Laure Fissore is exhibiting at the Monaco Fine Arts Gallery in Palais de la Scala, in the heart of Monte-Carlo. Founded in 1976 by British curator and formula one driver Michael McKee, the gallery has reopened this year under the ownership of Evelina Giannouilidi, who presents it as a specialized modern art gallery with a strong focus on conceptual art.

Evelina (on the left in the photo) was impressed by Laure’s work (to the right in the photo) and proposed her to organize and exhibition of her artwork inspired by her stay in Russia. The artist’s particular painting method is water colour on thin rice paper that she adopted during her studies in China, that make her pieces almost transparent and luminous, with a special aura around them.

Born in 1989 and graduated from the prestigious The National School of Decorative Arts in Paris (ENSAD), in August 2009 she received the first prize of the Liberation’s newspaper travelogues competition with her Armenia diaries, which the travel magazines Bouts du Monde and A/R published soon after. In March 2011 she exposed her « Siberian Impressions » at the Parisian FNAC in Montparnasse within the framework of the students artistic festival Here and Tomorrow (Ici et Demain), and her travel diaries “Armenia” at the collective exhibition Musee de la Poste in Paris. New York Laure-FissoreShe published the book New York in 2011, and illustrated Portugal of Julie Sarperi by Nomades Editions. portugal2She ventured to China in 2012 to study at the Beaux Arts of Hangzhou near Shanghai, where she experimented with wood engraving and the techniques on Chinese paper. At the same time she collaborated with magazines like Feuilleton, Long Cours, Le Monde Hors Serie, Ballake Sissoko album by Laure Fissoreas well as the music label No Format for which she realized an illustrated chronicle on the recording of the album of Ballake Sissoko, a Malian kora player.

The exhibition will be open to the public till Thursday, December 5 at Monaco Fine Arts Gallery, Palais de la Scala, 4th floor, Studio No. 1177. For more information and opening hours please call +33 6 80 86 96 81 or visit


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