Fight Aids Monaco raised Euro 295,500 at Auction

Princess Stephani surrounded by all the artists donorsSunday evening was the culmination of a series of events organized by Fight Aids Monaco (FAM) with the 9th edition of their traditional annual charity art auction at the Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel, conducted by Francois Tajan of Artcurial Paris. This year FAM successfully raised € 295,500 thanks to the sale of 55 donated pieces (see photo on left hand corner showing Princess Stephanie with the donor artists) of art, that will enable to continue their incessant work to bring positive expectations where there is suffering and despair, create public awareness for safe-sex practices and screening, and replace prejudice with real facts.  Dr Bruno Taillan presenting to the audienceDr Bruno Taillan, Vice President of FAM, made a brief presentation in the presence of HSH Princess Stephanie, President of FAM, her daughter Pauline Ducruet and distinguished personalities from Monaco and abroad, donor artists and generous participants (See photo on right hand corner). Dr Taillan explained that actual prevention of HIV must be conceived as the association of behavioural prevention, screening strategies and antiviral treatment.  He added that it is by redoubling the efforts in the screening campaign, that we will be able to help a larger number of people living with HIV, learning about their serologic status and proposing them a treatment from its diagnosis that we hope to win the battle against this epidemic. FAM’s efforts are focused mainly on prevention, the fight against isolation due to stigmatism and social discrimination, access to lodging as well as home treatment, as important conditions for therapeutic success.

Below are some of the art pieces in the auction:

For more information on Fight Aids Monaco please visit


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