United in rebuilding efforts after Typhoon Yolanda – Helping one village at a time

Patsy Zobel with Jerome Froissart from Amade Mondial flying over the areaPatricia Zobel de Ayala, Honorary Consul of the Philippines in Monaco, is heading a fundraising campaign in partnership with the Ayala Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Amade Mondiale (Patricia second from left with Jerome Froissart of Amade by her side on the photo to the left), and the Virlaine Foundation, to coordinate rebuilding efforts in specific areas devastated by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in the Philippines. Members of the Association of Honorary Consuls of Monaco (AHCM) will be meeting to decide how to collaborate. The Stelios Foundation and Patricia Zobel de Ayala have taken the lead by donating 50,000 Euros each, and the Philippine Consul in Toulouse has pledged another 30,000 Euros. We trust others will be inspired by their generosity to provide shelters for the homeless victims. There is strength in numbers, as they say!

Category 5 super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) was one of the strongest and deadliest typhoons on record to make landfall from November 6 to 9, 2013, directly devastating The Visayas, one of the three principal geographical divisions of the Philippines, the other two being Mindanao and Luzon.  The typhoon’s effects also reached other parts of the country.  The purpose of Patricia’s efforts is focused on the community of Jaro, Leyte located in the Eastern Visayas (see maps below), where she knows several families living there.  She believes that “if we help villages that somehow are close to us, there is hope that eventually help with get all of those in need.”

In the aftermath of the typhoon, people, organizations, and others showed a great willingness to help affected people and communities. While aid, immediate relief and other interventions, are beginning to reach some of the devastated areas, there are huge challenges in accessing communities in remote areas. One community that needs urgent help is Jaro, a third-class municipality in Leyte province with 46 villages and a population of 39,577 (2010), where inhabitants are hurt, homeless and hungry with no power or water. Patricia visited the area to see for herself and below are some of the photos after the Typhoon.

Patricia confirms they are already actively working with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild schools and homes that are in urgent need of repair and reconstruction, with the Ayala Foundation as a donation channel.   As an example the initial cost of rebuilding of the Notre Dame of Jaro School would be roughly estimated at Euro 15,500 or PhP 900,000 per classroom. The cost of emergency Shelter Repair Kits that contain tools to make immediate basic home repairs (fibre cement board, good lumber/plyboard, corrugated GI sheets, nails hammer, hand saw, roof sealant, sand/cement, etc.) and construct temporary shelters is Euro 251 or PhP 15,000 each, or Euro 252,000 for 1,000 to help the families in barrio Aninbongon, one of the villages in Jaro.

Shelter repair kits

Patricia corroborated that clean-up kits have already been distributed and the next step is to deliver the very necessary shelter repair kits. There are carpenters in each village so the shelters are easy to install and protect people from the rain that has been falling continuously. By liaising with people on the ground Zobel will also make sure that reconstruction materials will reach their destination instead of sitting in a warehouse. The goal is to concentrate efforts to help one village at a time.

Once the necessary funds to buy the 1,000 shelters are raised, Habitat will assign a group from their organization to move the shelters to the area. These kits are an immediate security solution to contain and prevent the subsequent problems that follow after disasters like health and sanitation, psychological trauma and education.

How to make donations:

Foreign currency donors may wire their donation through Ayala Foundation’s US Dollar Account:

Bank of the Philippine Islands, Account No. 0014-0463-48 (savings account), Address: 6768 BPI Bldg, Ayala Corner, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines, Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

For Philippine Peso donations:

Bank of the Philippine Islands, Account Nbr. 0011-1335-41, Account Name: Ayala Foundation Inc., Reference: S501005 + Donor’s Name

Contact Information for:

Ayala foundation logo

Contact Information Ayala Foundation

Habitat for Humanity logoStelios Philanthropic Foundation logologo-achm


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