Carla Bruni at the Monaco Opera Garnier with Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy's entrance ovationFormer President of France Nicolas Sarkozy (on the right photo from Monaco Matin) stole the thunder from his lovely wife, when he entered standing room only Salle Garnier in Monte-Carlo to the applause and cheers of the public. Agence de Monaco Concert exceptionnel de Carla Bruni salle Garnier duBut Carla, the Italian supermodel turned pop star then French “rock star” first lady, used to share the limelight with her famous husband, took the stage and enchanted the audience with her breathy, ethereal, sensual voice and warm smile. She had no choice but to hung her guitar for a while during Sarkozy’s presidency, and most important she had a little baby girl, but after her “Raymond” (a nickname she tenderly uses for her husband) lost his bid for a second term, she got back to her passion for writing and singing.

Her latest and fourth album Little French Songs was released in the USA and France last Spring, after a hiatus of five years, praised by the critics in France and compare it to her 200 debut with Quelqu’un m’a Dit (in English Someone told me) which sold two million copies and won her the Best Female Artist award at France’s Music Victories in 2004. Little French songs hit No. 2 in its first week on the French charts, having sold 23,000. Carla, who will be celebrating her 46th birthday in a couple of weeks, is in top form and is very much an iconic figure, who has under her belt four studio album, five singles, six promotional singles and five music videos. It was her first concert in the Principality as part of her European tour and we hope there will be others, hopefully well before the 2017 French presidential elections!

 Quelqu'un m'a dit

Little French songs (1)

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