Redford’s One-man Show – All is Lost premiered in Monte-Carlo – Definitely not to be missed!

Movie posterYesterday evening, the largest projection room at the Sporting d’Hiver was unusually packed for the private screening of the movie All is Lost of J.C. Chandor, organized by the Yacht Club of Monaco exclusively for its members. What a treat! We were enraptured from beginning to end; such was the excitement of this film with only one cast member, no other than 77 year old Robert Redford with his time ragged face, who is perfect in the role of the seasoned sailor, and who I learned performed virtually all of his water stunts himself.

Packed room at the Sporting d'Hiver

As the story goes this sailor who was alone on the Indian Ocean and experienced a broken hull, capsizing and eventually the wreckage of his 39-foot yacht uttered only a handful of lines during the whole film, notably « F–k » one time but really loud, desperately and convincingly.  To think that in many American movies they use the “F” word thousands of times diluting its strength and real meaning. There were many experienced sailors in the room and I am sure they will have critics relating to precise technical details as to this man’s efforts to repair the breached hull, then abandoning ship to board an inflatable life raft and do everything to survive with the hope to be rescued, but I thought the movie was well crafted and really compelling.

Photography, done at Baja Studios in Rosarito Beach in Mexico originally built for the 1997 film Titanic, was so real that we could feel the waves slapping on our faces leaving that salty taste on our skin, with the storm scenes so vibrant that made me jump up in my seat several times!

The music composed by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ frontman Alex Ebert was a perfect background to the natural elements like the wind, water, rain and sun that became the other protagonists of the movie. I would like to say more and even unveil the ending but I do not want to spoil it for you, and just highly recommend for you to go see it and find out for yourself.  The message of the film is never to give up even when all is lost.


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