Clever Tips on Eating Healthy at Fairmont Monte-Carlo

It is true that in cooking, the right combination of products makes for a winning dish, so when you put in the same room somebody like well known Nutritional Therapist Susan Tomassini and the Clever Chef Naomi Buff, success is certainly guaranteed.

susan-tomassiniAs the Managing Director of Foodwise. Susan bases her sound advice on simple, practical and evidence-based Nutritional facts. She explains how our body reacts to different foods in a rather uncomplicated and enjoyable way that everybody can understand, so he or she is more predisposed to make the right choices and provoke real lifestyle changes. She champions the use of an array of natural, fresh products to create attractive meals, while motivating a shared responsibility for their health, their bodies and our planet.  In her website Susan explains that nutritional therapy is a system of healing based on the belief that food, as nature intended, provides the medicine we need to obtain and maintain a state of wellbeing.

Naomi Buff presenting her recipes

Naomi calls herself a passionate about nutritious eating. When she moved to the South of France from the UK a few years ago, she started experimenting with fruits and vegetables, she  then took a nutrition course to learn how to better feed her family, and later started to share her recipes and tips with others in her blog. (Naomi is in the center of the photo to the right)

The first two ateliers of the Clever Kitchen took place on January 14 and 16, 2014 at the Horizon Champagne Bar of the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco.  Susan and Naomi explained in a convivial atmosphere how to “go green” and detoxify your body after the excesses of the end of the year, thanks to preparations based on simple foods like green lemon, coriander, green apple or even mint and cucumber! I know for a fact that the teachings are helpful because my girlfriend Lilly Bui (she is in the photo above on Naomi’s right) who attended the Clever Kitchen tutorials, invited us to dinner and served us a delicious meal, using some of the useful knowledge she had recently acquired that added to her superb cooking skills. Lilly also showed me her pantry where she stored some of the products she had discovered and bought during the first session.

In the next two ateliers scheduled for January 28 and 30, the secrets of the fruits and vegetables in season will be unveiled. The sessions on February 11 and 13 will be based on the San Valentine theme, and the ones on February 18 and 20 will reveal what to eat for a good physical preparation before going on that ski vacation. On March 11 and 13 the ateliers will be dedicated to the anniversary of Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin, giving useful advice on how to recover your strength after a period of taking medicines. And to finish the first trimester, March 25 and 27 will be dedicated to chocolate, that highly nutritious vegetable (produced from the seed of the tropical Theobrama cacao tree) that we all love!

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Photos courtesy of Fairmont Monte-Carlo


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