Primo Cup celebrates anniversary with memorable sailing finale

Happy Birthday Primo Cup!

30th anniversaryThe Primo Cup celebrated its 30th anniversary this year under the loyal sponsorship of Credit Suisse, consolidating its high standing as a challenging winter regatta attracting 800 top-level sailors from the world over, 160 units representing 17 countries over two weekends. Inaugurated back in 1985 by the Yacht Club of Monte-Carlo’s President Prince Albert II, this reputed competition has hosted the greatest names in sailing. This second weekend gathered another six one-design classes: SB20Smeralda 888J/70Melges 20Platu 25 and Longtze Premier. Frenchman Nicolas Berenger (Beijaflore), four-time winner in the Longtze Premier, strategically assisted by Bertrand Pace. Stephen Molle (Grun) demonstrated total superiority leading the German squadron in the Platu 25 series, and in the J/70’s it was Frenchman Ludovic Senechal (Lulu la Nantaise) who won three races. The Italian Ferdinando Battistella (Diva) was victorious in the SB20 category, as also did his countryman Manfredi Vianini Tolomeis (Maolca) in the Melges 20. Special mention goes to the women in the Smeralda 888 class with winner Blandine Medecin (Bear Essentials).

Prize giving ceremony

During the prize giving ceremony, Bernard d’Alessandri announced that, “this would be the last edition of the Primo Cup to take place on this side of the harbor, the meeting in 2015 will be in the new Norman Foster designed building that will be inaugurated on June 20, 2014.”  All the members of the crew in the top three boats in each series received Advanced Technology Sportswear items sponsored by SLAM, a brand faithful to this event from its inception. The lucky winner of the draw for the gold ingot, donated by Credit Suisse, was a young sailor on the SB20 Aramis that will help to pay to mend their one-design damaged during an accident this past weekend.

A few facts about the yachts in the competition


SB20 – is a one-design class of sailboat commonly used for racing.  The Yacht is an open keelboat and is designed for a crew of 3 whose maximum weight must not exceed 270 kg. With a high aspect ratio keel with a very high ballast ratio the yacht is very stable, but also quite fast due to the substantial sail area. The SB20 is unique as it does not allow hiking using a small stainless steel bar to prevent hiking by the crew, allowing sailors of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Smeralda 888Smeralda 888 – Designed by German Frers in the 1990’s to encouragae sailing in the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, it is a monotype series that competes in the international circuit. At 8.88m in length with four crew this boat is quick, lively and very pleasant to helm. She handles well in a breeze and is nimble in very light winds, well adapted to fleet competitions, as well as match-races.

J:70J/70 – The J/70 one-design Speedster (22.75 feet) is J/Boats’ first ramp-launchable keelboat, high performance one-design and built to last.  The J-Class yacht is a single masted racing sailboat built to the specifications of Nathanael Herresfhoff’s Universal Rule.

std_melges_20_sailplanMelges 20 – Fulfills the need for a more compact, yet spacious, fast, well-built sportboat. An exclusive Reichel Pugh keelboat design, advance in every respect. It is easy to sail and has a wide appeal to many ages and skill levels. It accommodates 2 to 4 crew without weight restrictions, boat and rig will be a strict one design.

Platu 25Platu 25 – Keelboat for a crew of 3, was designed as a moderated cost, fast but easily handled, one design club racer. Farr Yacht Design, Ltd., was commissioned to design the Platu as a racing sailboat suitable for teaching sailing skills and racing skills to new sailors. The yacht will be fast and sporty with no interior fit out as it is intended for day racing only. The light displacement hull shape combines a long waterline, fine bow sections and powerful stern sections, all carefully balanced to deliver exceptional performance.

Longtze Premier drawingLongtze Premier – Is a high-tech trendy sport boat with multicolored sails, a true roadster of the sea produced in Qingdao benefiting from all the technology evolving from the first Chinese America’s Cup Class Boat. Extremely fast with very complete equipment, it offers exceptional performance along with ease of use and high-level hardware equipment.

Photos courtesy of YCM – Carlo Borlenghi


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