Hometown Nico Rosberg wins Monaco Grand Prix second year in a row!

Rosberg comes first with Hamilton a close second

It was another exciting weekend in Monaco with motorsport fans from all over the world gathering for the 72nd edition of the Grand Prix Formula 1, with record tickets sales and viewers watching from tribunes, terraces and yachts. The glamour, history and fans all add up to create an event unmatched in the world of sport.

The German Nico Rosberg, who grew up and resides in the Principality, lead from the start going from first in pole position to first at the end of the 78th lap in 149.27.6, totaling 240 for Mercedes with points also contributed by a frustrated teammate British Lewis Hamilton who came a close second. Lewis pushed Rosberg hard but the German kept his cool and increased the gap after changing tires to conquer his second victory of the season after winning the Australian Grand Prix, and his second in his hometown. Lewis and Nico are indeed teammates and rivals that in itself a paradox. Let’s see how this “camaraderie” or lack of it evolves”. Nico Rosberg told BBC Radio 5 live pit lane reporter Jennie Gow that because he and Lewis Hamilton know each other for so long, “there’s always been difficulties…but we sit down, discuss and move on”. While Lewis Hamilton added that when he was at McLaren, they had two strategies – one to get the best race for him, the other to get best race for his teammate. At Mercedes they only have one. Australian Daniel Ricciardo came third after tailgating Hamilton all through the race, and helped Infiniti Red Bull go up to 99 points ahead of Ferrari with 78. Ricciardo’s teammate, Last year’s champion German Sebastian Vettel was on his 100th race for Red Bull but was forced to retire after eight laps due to a power unit problem with his car, so his poor season continued. Red Bull apologized to Vettel for the turbo issues with his RB10.

Sergio Perez spectacular crash on Mirabeau section

I was witness to the accident involving Sergio Perez (Checo) who crashed in the Force India, clipped by former teammate Jenson Button in his McLaren  on the first lap and forced the Mexican out of the race. Luckily Checo was unhurt and his damaged car removed from the track at the Mirabeau section of the iconic street circuit. No action was taken after this incident. Safety car was deployed for the 5th year in a row in Monte-Carlo. Checo was quoted saying after the race “I was in a battle with Nico, who was ahead, and I went to take the apex normally. I was on the racing line and ahead of Jenson [Button] when he clipped my rear wheel and spun me around into the barriers. I did not expect him to be there as there wasn’t really any space for another car there. It was very unlucky.” Perez will surely forget this sad episode and move on.

Prince and Princes go for traditional spin on the racetrack   

In the traditional pre-race pilots parade I spotted Sebastian Vettel happily saluting the public, unaware of his fate during the race. Soon after HSH’s Prince Albert and Princess Charlene went for a spin just before the race, driving a 2014 Tesla model S sedan electric vehicle. The CEO Elon Musk was at the Prince’a box during the race. Musk is a South African-born Canadian-American business magnate, inventor and investor. He is currently the CEO & CTO of SpaceX and CEO & Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors. He was an early investor in SpaceX, PayPal, Inc. The slogan for his Tesla model S car is Zero Emissions. Zero compromises.

Renault 3.5, GP2 Series & Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Training ground for future F1 drivers  

Norman Nato (2) DAMS winner of F.Renault 3.5 series in Monaco 2014French Norman Nato (2) driving for Dams, had a great performance on the streets of Monte-Carlo by taking his inaugural Formula Renault 3.5 win in the Monaco Grand Prix support race. The Frenchman had been the fastest in practice and won the race from pole position ahead of Lotus Formula 1 junior Marco Sorensen. Vive la France! This was the 10th edition of the flagship of the World Series by Renault, the Formula Renault 3.5 Series has established itself as a reference in terms of detecting and training future F1 drivers. In 2014, 60% of the regular drivers forming the cream of F1 World Championship, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, were trained in the Formula Renault schools.

RichelmiThe 24 year old local hero Stephane Richelmi (8) driving for Dams, took his maiden GP2 victory in Monaco Sprint Race in front of his  home fans, during the 10th edition of this series. Ten out of twenty-four drivers of the current Formula One grid got their chance to race at the pinnacle of motorsport after proving their worth in the GP2 series. It provides an opportunity for young talents to show their ability in front of the F1 teams as they compete on world-renowned circuits throughout Europe. I took the photo of Richelmi when he played for the Pilots Team at the World Stars Charity Football Match recently.

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Spanien 2011On the 19th edition of the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Kuba Giermaziak (11) of the PL/VERVA Lechner Racing Team fulfilled a dream. The 23-year old from Poland claimed victory on the Monaco circuit. The Supercup has provided a stage for the drama of driving to the limit for more than 20 years, always preceding the Grand Prix event, and today’s racing calendar would not be thinkable without it.

The next Monaco Grand Prix F1 is scheduled for May 21-24, 2015. Book your tickets!


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