Monaco Project for the Arts supports talented students

Selection was tough with so many accomplished artists

On Tuesday, June 24 the members of the Monaco Project for the Arts met at the Monaco Arts School for an interesting presentation of projects by graduates, and proceed to the selection of the winners. Everybody was later invited to a convivial summer party.

The best among the best

Charlene Dray and Oriane Bajard received The Monaco Project for the Arts Student of The Year Award, Prix Ex æquo, consisting of two trips to the Montreal Biennale (BNLMTL). This renowned organization is a key fixture on the Canadian contemporary art scene that offers a varied program of exhibitions, talks, screenings and performances by building on a well-established Montreal network. The initiatives by BNLMTL are based on risk and experimentation and its goal is to support the most daring, thought-provoking art practices and curatorial projects while offering the public a diversity of experiences.

Charlene told us about her project: “My artistic partner is a horse and in my research I never saw him as an animal being designed, a robot, by proposing new ways of approaching it. For staging I built environments, provoking situations for the animal to respond to stimulus not biological reactions, playing his own role, that of horse, for which does not need preliminary training. I considered the exhibition space as a box matrix that enables me to produce more immersive devices for the spectators, with staging proposals, questioning the status of the horse today.”

Oriane explained: “My work is based around a reflection of human genre, their fears, their rapport with the other and the environment. I use mainly insects, due to my interest in entomology, like a tool that enables juxtaposition among the living. She has discovered a way to question the human genre, between repulsion and fascination for the living. The insect represents the strange, unknown, unexpected, the other.”

The opening, video by Oriane – During an exhibition opening, a catastrophic event took place inside a wine glass. The reception continued around it without noticing it. By creating a focus, the artist juxtaposed two images that cohabited but representing two distinct spaces where actions occurred at different scales. Presenting two worlds confronting each other, and the invisible capturing all the attention.

The sound observatory: The song of the cicades by Oriane – The artist explained: “Interpreting de song of the cicades… Working from a recollection of those sounds, I stage observatories based on those created by nature. The person has to climb a ladder, put his/her ear close to hear the rumor of the cicades from the other side of the wall. There is a doubt…”

Yannick Cosso received The Monaco Project for the Arts Members’ Prize, consisting of voucher in the amount of Euro 1,500 for the retail store FNAC.   Yannick’s graduate project was conceived in an old and modest 70’s style apartment, a place where he lived during several years and was then converted into a studio where he produced his works of art. As his life withdrew, his works spread and proliferated within the carcass of the apartment, resounding with the residues of the decoration, the tapestry, the tiles, the remaining furniture. The staging is a work of design that he performed in this space. How to bring back the imprint of bodies inhabited this place, how to keep the trace of a past action? The only thing left is the collection of ghosts.

Riley – The draughtsman by Yannick Cosso – Yannick put it in his own words: “In the living room I plastered the rooms with paper and covered them with charcoal. The surface became sensitive to action and only needed the body to express itself, to capture the trace and the movement. It was dancer Riley Watts of the Forsythe Company who came in contact with the matter, dancing vertically on this stage, disappears on the background and reveals the design.”

The Monaco Project for the Arts Michel Fedoroff Grant of a 3-month artistic residency at Bargemon went to Charlene Dray. Michel Fedoroff is a Monegasque collector of contemporary art and Charlene will be an artist in residence in his vast domain in Bargemon, where she will be able create new works of art and present them to the public. Fedoroff’s goal is to contribute to exhibit the works of new artists.

Fanny Lavergne, who is still on the 4th year of her studies, was awarded The Monaco Project for the Arts Gheri Sackler Grant that will enable this young artist to attend the international summer program at the Watermill Center in USA, for which she had been previously selected. This prestigious art center, defined as a laboratory for performance, was founded in 1992 by artistic director Robert Wilson as a unique environment for young artists from around the world to explore new ideas.

Works by Adrien Blanc-Guillon, Julia Luci and Vanessa Zarrouk


In the area of Photography Barbara Tran received The Monaco Project for the Arts Nadine ARABIAN Prize, consisting of a visit to The Rencontres d’Arles in Arles, France by covering the cost of the trip and accommodations for two people. This exhibition is a summer photography festival founded in 1970 by Arles photographer Lucien Clergue; author Michel Tournier and historian Jean-Maurice Roquette. Its policy of presenting almost exclusively new work has earned it a worldwide reputation, attracting in 2013 more than 96,000 visitors. Many photographers have been discovered as a result of this exhibition, a sign of its importance as a springboard for photographic and contemporary creative talent.

A fine art institution in the Principality

The Monaco Art School is a higher education and research institution offering a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degree, under the direction of Isabelle Lombardot and under the administrative supervision of the Mayor and the City Hall Council of Monaco. The five-year course includes a curriculum of studies in all disciplines of fine arts, focusing primarily on studio art, drawing, staging and exhibition design as well a graphic design, photography, painting, ceramics and installation cross-disciplinary instruction. The international students benefit from Workshops in Research and Creation collaborative teaching method, with students participation in productions with The Monte-Carlo Ballet, Printemps des Arts plus collaboration with major Universities and Art Academies throughout Europe. Artist’s lectures, publications, conferences and symposium complement the dynamic program.

MPA – Supporting culture, art and education

The Monaco Project for the Arts (MPA) is a non-profit organization approved by the Government and placed under the High Patronage of HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco. Created in 2008 by Rita Caltagirone with the support of the Mayor of Monaco Georges Marsan and Isabelle Lombardt Director of the Monaco Art School, their mission is to support the Monaco Art School and promote partnership and activities in the areas of culture, art and education not only in the Principality but internationally. MPA provides young artists with scholarships to study at the Monaco Art School, awards prizes and travel grants, produces exhibitions for the alumni to introduce them to the gallery world and organizes artists’ residencies and internships worldwide. Thanks to its members’ network, MPA enables students to interact with today’s great artists and to collaborate with major international pubic and private cultural institutions.   MPA members are not only patrons but enjoy a rich cultural carefully prepared program throughout the year, allowing them to meet artists, collectors, curators and professionals from museums as well as public and private institutions through monthly conferences, screenings, visits to museums and private collections, and interesting yearly cultural trips.   Every summer, on the school premises, MPA organizes an exhibition entitled “The Project”, where internationally renowned artists are invited to design an in situ project in collaboration with the art students. This exhibition is open to the public inscribing itself on the European art scene and the cultural calendar of the Principality.


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