Poland inaugurated Monaco fireworks competition with a Bang!

Perfectly choreographed pyrotechnics illuminating the summer sky

It was two hours before midnight this past Saturday, when the lights went off in Monte-Carlo and the sky rained fire to the sound of the explosives and loud music! It was the debut of the 46th edition of the international fireworks competition in Monaco created in 1966 by the Monaco’s Town Hall, that this year groups the winners of the past four editions, so they are guaranteed to be of exceptional quality. I had the chance to watch them from a vantage point, the terrace of the new Yacht Club of Monaco, after enjoying a nice dinner in the clubhouse restaurant with my husband and good friends.

Poland put an exhilarating show

The Surex Family company from Poland created in 1989 was the first competitor, and they put together an exhilarating show using 1000 kg colorful explosives during 20 minutes to the soundtrack of James Dooley, X-Ray Dog and very appropriately Two Steps from Hell, illuminating the Monegasque sky for the delight of the public assembled all along Port Hercules and in buildings everywhere. The Polish show was top quality, perfectly choreographed starting with low-flying glittering pyrotechnics that grew higher skyrocketing into the Mediterranean sky, with the sparks dropping into the black waters, in a coordinated dance with the music. It was hard to tell which was reality and which was reflection. The show ended in a magnificent finale that put the sky on fire and at the end the yachts in the port and on the water blew their horns at unison in a traditional salute that made you shiver!

This was only the beginning as there is more on the agenda…

Next week on Sunday, July 27 at 22:00hs, it will be the turn to Spain with Pirotecnia Zaragozana who were the winners in 2013 and will fire to the rhythm of Andrea Bocelli, Helene Segara, Edith Piaf and more. On Saturday, August 9 as they days will be getting shorter the fireworks will be shot at 21:30 by the English Jubilee Fireworks company with music by Rihanna, The Prodigy and others in the program. And the last one will take place a week later on Saturday, August 16 at 21:30 when another British company Pyrotex FireworX will light the sky accompanied by songs from Adele, Enigma and a few other tunes for their display.

An experienced Jury plus the public vote

The members of the Jury, who set their headquarters on the terrace of the Panorama facing the port, will have the tough task of selecting the winners according to seven criteria, including music and fireworks design and synchronization, choice of variety and colors, music selection, overall appreciation, quality of the display, originality and creativity and the final accolade. The winner will receive 10,000.00 € and a trophy, the runner up receives 5,000.00 € and a trophy, and the third and last get a trophy and certificate of participation. The public also may vote on line for their favorites at: http://www.monaco-feuxdartifice.mc 

During these pyrotechnic shows we all become children for a few minutes as we never seem to get tired of fireworks, because as long as they shoot up in the air we seem to forget any worries and let ourselves dream.


2 thoughts on “Poland inaugurated Monaco fireworks competition with a Bang!

  1. Ohhhh how very beautiful ……..I envy your citizens who can see magnificent color and light displays of such
    magnificence. Here in Santa Fe NM USA the skies were not so inspiring last nite.


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