Prince Albert leads thousand-strong march observing Alzheimer day

Together we are more in the fight against oblivion

It was high noon this past Saturday on the Palace Square in Monaco where Catherine Pastor had assembled a thousand supporters for the association AMPA (Monegasque Association for Alzheimer Research) that she presides. Everybody was wearing a white t-shirt commemorating the event and purple balloons with the AMPA logo symbolizing a hippocampus that is the name of the part of the brain touched by the illness.

The gates of the Palace opened and an enthusiastic Prince Albert, also wearing the event’s t-shirt, was welcomed by the members of the Government and the National Council, to the cheers of students and supporters, to lead a joyful march through the Principality. The official Alzheimer Day date is actually Sunday, September 21, but it was easier to organize the event on a Friday enabling the students to participate emphasizing solidarity through the bridge between generations.

Congratulations to Chantal Ravera, Didier Boinon and their team for organizing this solidarity event with all their passion, proving once more that together we are more in the fight against oblivion.

About AMPA

AMPA was created in 1990 as an initiative of Michel Pastor and Dr Michel-Yves Mourou. Catherine Pastor became President in 2009 with Professor Alain Pesce as Vice-President. Their mission is to support research, organize scientific meetings, better understand the disease and its consequences create public awareness and promote innovative projects to provide continuous assistance to those suffering from Alzheimer. For more information visit


A conference to provide the latest advances on Alzheimer is scheduled for Wednesday, October 24 at 18:30 at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco. Admission is free but it is necessary to register by writing to or by calling mobile 06 68 89 10 07.

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