Brad Pitt, Pharrell Williams, Jessica Lang exhibited at ARTERNATIVELIGHT-4

21 International & Monegasque artists for the XXI century

Arternativelight posterThe 4th edition of art exhibition ARTERNATIVELIGHT took place at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille and the Naval Museum of Monaco, under the heading 21 international and Monegasque artists for the XXI century. Among the honored guests: The Pitt-Pollaro original designs of the Hollywood star Brad Pitt passionate for architecture and design, photos by the celebrated actress Jessica Lang, designs for the youth center project by famous musician Pharrell Williams and more.

For their 2013 edition the exhibition took place at the Oceanographic Museum, exposing works from different multitalented artists, and the guest of honor was no other than the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr who unveiled his paintings, along those by Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and other acclaimed musicians. On that occasion Ringo received the French decoration Medal of Commander of Arts & Letters from the Ambassador of France in Monaco.

The idea behind ARTERNATIVELIGHT is to showcase the hidden talents of multifaceted artists already famous in other fields all under one roof. Exploring the multiple creative paths taken by artists all over the world, including a series of performances, happenings and cinematic presentations, unveiling the hidden passions driving them. Actors, writers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, reveal their other hidden passions, sometimes timidly but always with authenticity. The activities program initiated by the ARCOL Cultural association has as a mission to help the artistic development through “Art and Creativity for Education”. The association currently publishes the international magazine Arcolmag, and at the same time the concept of ARTERNATIVELIGHT is the inspiration behind the creation of the future Arternative Museum Arcol that the organizers announced is currently in the works.

A stellar line up of honored guests

The Pitt-Pollaro collection is a line of furniture conceived by heartthrob actor Brad Pitt and built by the legendary artisan Frank Pollaro of New Jersey. It is a unique and exclusive collection developed during four years from original sketches of actor and producer Brad Pitt, who has a passion for design and architecture. It was back in 2008 when Brad Pitt contacted Pollaro to commission a custom desk. When the desk was delivered to Pitt’s chateau in the South of France they realized they both had a common passion for furniture. Pitt showed Pollaro his sketchbook and that was the beginning of a lasting collaboration and the Pitt-Pollaro collection was born.

Grammy Award winning musician/entrepreneur Pharrell Williams expresses his personal creative style through music, fashion and design. This multitalented artist collaborated with the renowned architect Chad Oppenheim to work of several projects. One of them is a youth center in Pharrell’s hometown in Virginia Beach, a 30,000 square foot facility conceived to provide a safe and nurturing environment and thus enable the youngsters to reach their maximum potential. The other is the Ice Cream City, an urban infill development in Miami’s Overtown district. The Pharrell Williams Resource Center is a 30,000 square foot facility conceived to inspire the youth of his hometown. The two projects are an expression of Pharrell’s mission for a better world, happier place. In his own words “To change the world one kid at a time by providing them the tools and resources to meet their unique potential.” 

The American actress Jessica Lange who received two Oscars debuted in cinema in 1976 with the remake of King Kong and has played in films like Cape Fear, Tootsie and Blue Sky. Her artistic work consists of black and white photographs taken with filmstrips not modified during the development process. The rich range of gray and textures of the pictures make them resemble more to a painting that a photo. In her own words “I can describe acting in much more concrete terms that I can photography. But there’s something special in presenting an image in black-and-white that’s so reductive somehow. In a certain way, that eliminates all the extraneous information.”

Renowned Iranian architect and artist Zaha Haid, founder of Zaha Hadid Architects, was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, considered the Nobel Prize of architecture, in 2004 and is internationally recognized for construction designs. Her career spans over 30 years of revolutionary exploration and research in the interrelated fields of urbanism, architecture and fashion design. Zaha Hadis is no stranger to the marriage of architecture and fasion and in 2013 she designed shoes in collaboration with the brand United Nude.

Highlights on some of the multitalented artists

Owanto is a multicultural British artist who grew up in Gabon and in Europe studying in Paris and Madrid. She presented a series of art pieces that explore light in a context of conscience transformation, where the objects enter into a dialogue with each other, together giving a message that transcends the individual. In her artistic expression she uses a multidisciplinary approach working sculpture, painting, photography, video, installation and performance. Her installation during Arternativelight 4 is entitled Let there be light.

Multifaceted young British artist Benjamin Shine is the type of ingenious personage who makes something totally original no matter what material falls in his hands. This time around   he is exhibiting his incredibly accurate portraits using tulle fabric. We can say that he is a painter, sculptor, fashion designer and more. His work has attracted a wide range of clients, from fashion labels, product and interior manufacturers and international Arts and Design institutions.

Monaco resident of British origin David Shilling is a designer, sculptor and painter, he is known for designing extravagant hats and clothing. Celebrities have purchased his hats to wear at the celebrated Ascot races and other top events. He created a hat with diamonds in the late 1970’s that was nominated by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive hat in the world in the 21st century. In 2012 David held a preview of a collection of hats designed for men at the Monaco Embassy in London. In the installation presented at Arternativelight 4, Shilling explains it is in honor of the 21 artists featured with the playing cards adding up to 21. I enjoyed photographing him with his artwork in the background that somehow ended up decorating the simple hat he was wearing.

Valentine is a French painter passionate for contemporary art, painting as well as sculpture. Her artwork is entitled Revolution No1 (130x162cm). Her encounter with Patrick Gibelli transformed her to evolve in a metallic and nonconformist universe. Gibelli is a sculptor working with metal. He created a Loft Atelier with artist Valentine (Stephanie Natera) and painter and wall designer Oneteas (Anthony Alberti) where each centimeter of space is dedicated to works of art.

Monaco resident Elizabeth Wessel is multitalented as a portraitist and elegant fashion designer. Elizabeth excels in the art of the application of design and aesthetics to clothing and accessories, enhanced by the use of superb fabrics and a personal style that highlights the feminine silhouette. At last year’s event she exposed her paintings and this time she was asked to present an installation with some her glamorous fashion creations.

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