Celebrating the first 40 years of Adriano Ribolzi Gallery in Monaco

Memorable party with an A-guest list, live music and live art 

On Friday, November 21, 2014, Adriano Ribolzi Gallery celebrated 4 decades in the Principality by throwing a fantastic party in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II, and distinguished guests. Adriano Ribolzi conceived a magnificent event that spilled from the two galleries to the street under a large Emerald Tent the color that is synonym of 40th wedding anniversary in France. The guests received souvenir bracelets in Emerald-green and Ribolzi-Blue, what a nice touch!

The entertainment included live music and live art with the performance of no other than the Zhang Zhang Band, street art painter Tvboy who painted a large canvas on site during the morning that served as photo-call during the evening, and international glitter painter Erik Black performing live in front of the guests. And to top it all guests were treated to a delicious gourmet buffet was concocted by Joel Garault chef extraordinaire at the Hermitage Hotel.

Bouquet of 40 White Roses @CelinaLafuenteDeLavothaMy husband, Zsolt Lavotha, and I had the privilege of having been invited to this memorable celebration, but unfortunately we were not in Monaco at that time and we missed the party of the year! To compensate for our absence we sent Adriano and Nicky Ribolzi a bouquet of 40 beautiful white roses, with the promise that we will make sure not to miss it the next time around.

An exclusive exhibition for the 40th anniversary

For this special occasion Ribolzi wished to expose in its two addresses, No. 3 and No. 7 Avenue de l’Hermitage in the heart of Monaco, a selection of major artworks that created breach movements and new art directions from their predecessors. New art pieces by icon Andy Warhol, the father of American PopArt in permanence at the Gallery. Plus works by Italian artists that flourish after WWII, like Lucio Fontana (born in Argentina) that with his incisions on the canvas literally penetrates the subject and reveals the tridimensional space that will give birth to the artistic movement called Spatialism. Others followed Fontana like Enrico Castellani and Agostino Bonalumi that on the other side try to get out of the subject with their experimentations. While other artists like Mimmo Rotella and Michelangelo Pistoletto act directly on the canvas.

Erik Black painter performer

Artist Erik Black w: his artwork painted live during the party posing w:Adriano Ribolzi @Sidney GuilleminErik is a French artist- performer who paints his pieces live using the Glitter Painting technique. Through speed painting he keeps the public in awe during the show as the painting is only revealed at the end when he throws glitter on the canvas.

For this special event he produced a painting of Marilyn Monroe and another of Nelson Mandela, creating a wonderful surprise for all the guests!

Tvboy the street is his canvas

The fresco by Tvboy is a tribute to the many years of the Gallery in the Principality, with an Emerald in the center depicting the 40 years of the gallery in Monaco, plus different images invoking life moments, manifested in the unique way the artist is internationally known for.His works will be exposed at Ribolzi’s in the near future, including the anniversary fresco he produced.

Tvboy is both the artistic name and the brand created by Salvatore Benintende, an Italian artist who moved to Barcelona back in 2004. 
He started painting in the streets of Milan in 1996 and since then he got international recognition and started to display his works in galleries and museums of many different countries. 
 He exhibited at the Biennale in Venice, at Pac in Milan and in various shows through Rome, Barcelona, Bern, Copenhagen, Munich, Berlin, Beirut, La Habana, Washington, either alone or side by side with great masters of contemporary art. He also developed several project commissions for international brands and held courses in renowned design academies.

Adriano Ribolzi Antiques dealer and art lover

Adriano Ribolzi is a highly cultivated and a truly renaissance man, with a deep knowledge of the art market and a renowned antiques-dealer. Throughout his career he has rigorously selected works imbued with the characteristics sought by the world’s most demanding connoisseurs. His gallery boasts some of the finest antiques in Monte-Carlo, with a large variety of ancient furniture, including armoires, buffet cabinets, lighting fixtures, mirrors, paintings, sculptures and more, an assortment of 14th to 19th Century items from France, Italy and England.

He was quoted saying: “The criteria guiding my choices have always been perfect quality, aesthetic appeal and authenticity. I believe that the evocative nature of a work of art lies in the simultaneous perception of its timeless aesthetic value and the circumstances in which it was created, which help us appreciate its origins. Its beauty then assumes its true emotional dimension.

Past, present and future

1974 Inauguration 6 av. Beaux Arts[1] with Thierry de Luron @A.Ribolzi GalleryFounded in 1920 in Lugano, Switzerland, Adriano Ribolzi opened his gallery in the Principality of Monaco in 1974 at 6, Avenue des Beaux Arts, specializing in 14th, 18th and 19th Century French and Continental Furniture, Old Master Paintings, Sculptures and Works of Art. In the photo to the left Adriano Ribolzi with Thierry de Louron during the gallery inauguration in 1974.

In 1990 his Old Masters Paintings increases holding an important exhibition and publishing a catalogue “Paintings and Miniatures from the 14th to the 18th century. A few later in 1993 he published a catalogue with important acquisitions and their historical and critical research of 17th and 18th century furniture, paintings, sculpture and works of art.

In 1998, the gallery found a new home on Avenue de l’Hermitage. So now the art pieces are now exhibited in two Galleries: at No.3 in an 18th Century atmosphere with Louis XVI accents; and at No.7 in a more discreet setting.

It was in November 2009 for the 35th anniversary of the gallery when a new section of Modern Art was inaugurated in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline of Hanover.

Since 2010 the winners of Gemluc Art exhibit in his gallery, a competition–exhibition associated with GEMLUC, a charity association fighting against cancer. Also in 2010, two exhibitions dedicated to Indian art “India and its painters” and “Retrospective Sayed Haider Raza”, both in the presence of H.E. Ambassador Ranjan Mathai and his wife, Ambassador to India in Paris and Monaco.

In 2013/14, a vast exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol was presented to the public and carries along the creation of a permanent present of this mythical artist of Pop Art in this gallery. And 2014 will be the year of Africa through works from well-known artists from that continent.

And the story goes on…

For information and opening hours visit http://www.adrianoribolzi.com 

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