Touching performance of Ondine – A co-production by Eugenie Andrin & Julie Desmet

A contemporary adaptation of the play by Jean Giradoux

After successful shows in Grasse and Saint Raphael the play Ondine performed steps from Monaco at the Theatre Michel Daner in Beausoleil on Friday, November 28, 2014. This dancing/theatrical version created by French dancer and choreographer Eugenie Andrin and French actress Julie Desmest, is a present adaptation from the play written in 1938 by French novelist and playwright Jean Giradoux, based on the 1811 novella Undine by the German romantic style writer Friedrich de la Motte Fouque. Departing from many of the 19th century classics, here, it is the man that dies, and the female character survives.

In this enchanting and provoking interpretation, the myth of Ondine places on the scene two women around the memory of the man they both loved passionately. Profoundly attached to her element, Ondine aspires to human life and will try by all means to learn their habitudes and desires, and with that women’s suffering. In a way she becomes the most human of all because she craves for it so strongly.

The series of photos I took during the performance are entitled: “One Red among Black & White”

Freely inspired by the story this choreographic adaptation becomes a totally contemporary production. It is about poetry, unrequited love, betrayal, passion and suffering. Julie Desmet in her wedding dress becomes at the same time an inconsolable and despising Berta. Talented ballet dancer Eugenie Andrin with her undulant movements and expertise in dancing with pointe shoes makes for a captivating and at times frail fairy all in one. At curtain call the performers received a warm ovation from the public. Bravo!

Eugenie Andrin Company

The company was created in 2007 and debuted during the Hivernales d’Avignon with the performance of On Fire and later in the Free Dance Forum. Nurtured with classical language that provides her with precision and virtuosity, gestural choreography binds contemporary to imagination and fantasy. Eugenie Andrin received the prize for Young Creators for her project Ondine presented at the Avignon Festival in 2009. Eugenie also collaborates with her husband Jean-Louis Grinda, Artistic Director of the Monte-Carlo Opera, in the choreography of several opera performances.

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