Charity yoga session in Monaco raises funds for White Feather Foundation

Breathing to conserve life

This past Friday evening my girlfriend Lorena and I took our Yoga mats and met in an improbable location, the showroom of DPM Classic in Monte-Carlo specialized in the sale of prestige cars, graciously opened by the owner for a session of breathing for peace, love and joy while making a contribution to the White Feather Foundation for their campaign “conserve life.”

This event evoking the true spirit of Christmas was organized by yoga teacher Birgitta Thomsen, a gentle and joyful woman irradiating warmth and peace, founder of Monte+Carma, and a supporter of the White Feather Foundation, to raise funds and awareness for this association’s worthy causes through her free yoga gatherings.

In the middle of the showroom and surrounded by magnificent vintage cars, we made a circle around a wreath of fresh pine, oranges with clovers and burning white candles and a heart shaped box with a white feather on top. Before the start of the yoga session Birgitta spoke in a soft voice: “Please let us not forget what is most important about this season.. Let us join together in love and peace and get in touch with the true Christmas spirit..” And she added: “Christmas is a wonderful season if we don’t get caught up in all the hype and stress. It is a beautiful opportunity to focus on joy, love, peace within, peace in relationships, peace on Earth, compassion and good will to all living beings.”

We proceeded to go through a very intense yoga workout, including standing on one leg and some even doing headstands, all while concentrating on our breathing and being in the moment. Our hearts were beating fast, our bodies warmed up and we finally arrived to the well-deserved relaxation part where we quieted down.

Birgitta asked us then to get closer to the center for a message of peace and compassion to others, celebrating that harmony and gratitude can be felt wherever you are. She said: “To reflect and feel the gratitude in our hearts for everything we have and what you are able to share,” and invited us to donate whatever amount we felt in our hearts to give, and deposit it in the heart-shaped little box with the white feather on top. The monies raised will be transferred entirely to The White Feather Foundation to unite in their plight to better the life for those in need of help. We posed for a group photo holding heart shaped signs prepared by Birgitta, with the message in support of The White Feather Foundation  “Breathe to Conserve Life”, and others reading “Peace”, “Listen to your Heart”, “Love” …

Upon leaving Birgitta offered each of us one of the beautifully oranges decorated with cinnamon clovers, small branches of fresh pine, and the heart shape signs of our choice, to take with us as souvenirs of that moment of peace and love. We were all feeling a kind of lightness in our souls, actually we felt like feathers!

The White Feather Foundation

Julian Lennon @CelinaLafuenteDeLavothaThe White Feather Foundation created by Julian Lennon in 2007, is a charitable registered trust that was conceived by the desire to do good and to give back to society, supporting environmental and humanitarian causes raising funds to improve life for all beings in our planet. It primarily focuses on one of the most pressing problems that plague the developing world, one natural resource that is essential for living: Clean Water for all.

« Dad once said to me, that should he pass away, if there was some way of letting me know he was going to be ok – that we were all going to be ok – the message would come to me in the for of a White Feather. Then something happened to me, whilst on tour with the album Photograph Smile, in Australia. I was presented with a White Feather by an Aboriginal tribal elder, from the Mirning people, which definitely took my breath away. 

WHITE FEATHERThe White Feather Foundation was created for the purpose of giving a voice and support to those who cannot be heard. The tribal elders asked me for help, as I could bring awareness to their plight and to others who were suffering the same. Having had the White Feather bestowed upon me, I knew this endeavor was to be part of my destiny. One thing for sure is that the White Feather has always represented peace to me, as well as communication… » Julian Lennon, 2009, from the White Feather Foundation site.

For more information on this association and how you too can contribute please visit

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