The Principality featured in Peter Greenberg Worldwide radio show

Monaco personalities interviewed for this special program

Saturday, November 29, from 10:00 to 13:00hs in New York, listeners were tuned to the radio program of celebrated journalist, Producer and tourism expert Peter Greenberg of the American TV channel CBS. Greenberg is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and television producer, also known as the Travel Detective – he has published several books under that appellation.

For this special program, an stellar cast of distinguished Monaco personalities, carefully selected by Greenberg himself, gathered at the Hotel Metropole in Monte-Carlo, site of the recording, to tell their story vis-a-vis the Principality.

The line up of invited guests from the Principality who talked about their professional careers, included:

  • Luca Masala, ex ballet dancer and Director of the Princess Grace Academy
  • Camille Ameriguian-Musco, violinist from the Philharmonic Orchestra of Monte-Carlo Kory Tarpenning, American ex Olympic champion and a Monaco entrepreneur
  • Kate Powers, owner of the restaurant Stars’N’Bars
  • Thierry Boutsen, ex F1 pilot
  • Jonathan Mace, in charge of Politics of the Oceans at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
  • Joel Bouzou, President and Founder of the association « Peace and Sports, Organization for Peace through Sports » and President of the Olympics World Association
  • Marie-Claude Beaud, Director of the New National Museum of Monaco talked about their exhibitions and focus on new artists.
  • American expat Noelani Pantastico, soloist dancer with the Ballets de Monte-Carlo, talked about the ballet in Monaco and the difference between living in Hawai to being in the Principality

The Monaco Tourism Office in partnership with the Monaco Government Tourist office of New York collaborated in this project working closely with Peter Greenberg’s team, within the framework of a broadcast about the Principality that will be transmitted during 2015 under the title “Hidden Gems” of the televised program “Travel Detective”, also presented and produced by Greenberg.

Visit this link to listen to the radio program (make sure your speakers are turned on):

Monaco Reporter Contact Form


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