Amandine book signing at Snowflake bookstore in Monaco

Amandine and the Empire of Angels by Mireille Grazi Gastaldi

It is a busy time of the year in the Principality with holiday events everywhere. On Tuesday, December 15, 2014, author Mireille Grazi Gastaldi, born in Monaco, was at the newly opened bookstore Snowflake in La Condamine, for the signing of her children book Amandine and the Empire of Angels. The book is a didactic project to stimulate the learning of languages from a very young age and is presented in four languages: French, English, Italian and Monegasque. It is entirely illustrated in color and it includes a coloring workbook, to enable the little ones to color Amandine’s world. Several young children came for the book signing, and when Mireille got ready to read the stories to them, they happily proposed to read them themselves in the different languages!

Mireille wrote the adventures of Amandine when her children Miranda and Thomas were little and used to read it to them at bed time. Her children grewup, and it was 10 years later, encouraged by publisher Carlo Soninno from LiberFaber that Amandine and the Empire of Angels turned into a book and was finally published. It comes to no surprise that it was Mireille’s children who did the illustrations of Amandine’s characters, the way they imagined them while listening to the stories growing up. We can say that this book is a family production.

In the preface the author invites the little readers to push the door of the book to enter into the magical universe of Amandine and her friend Coquin. She tells them not to be afraid, as a guardian angel will protect them. As the story goes, Amandine, a little 10 year-old girl, gets lost in the woods after trying to recover her little poodle Mischief. She hurts her ankle and has to wait for her parents to come help her, thinking that they realized she has been missing and they would certainly be looking for her. Lying down among huge trees and looking at the clouds in the sky, she starts a voyage of discovery of the Empire of Angels, a different world where she will return to live extraordinary stories.

Amandine is the perfect holiday gift for children, either for reading it themselves or for parents or grandparents who love reading stories at bedtime to the little ones, and is available in bookstores everywhere, or you may order it through Amazon. Snowflake has several copies in stock, so we recommend you pay them a visit and discover this new concept bookstore.

Snowflake a bookstore and more…

This new workshop-bookshop-café opened recently on Avenue du Port just around the corner from the open market of Place d’Arms in the Condamine. The owners are two Monegasques, Victoria Olivie Sundstrom and Jonathan Richelmi, with the assistance of a Montesori educator called Katia Monty who is French. Snowflake is a new creative concept because it is more than a bookshop, as they organize language ateliers for children and adults, there is a ludic room where little children learn while playing, and an area with comfortable sofa chairs to enjoy a coffee or a juice and a piece of cake. It is certainly a very welcoming and colorful meeting place for all ages. It is located on 3, Avenue du Port, Monaco (Tel.: +377.

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