Frederic Mitterrand in Monaco for open discussion on his book The Recreation

Mitterrand inaugurated Prince Pierre Foundation 2015 conference program

Frederic Mitterrand guest of Prince Pierre Foundation in Monaco @CelinaLafuenteDeLavothaFrederic Mitterrand, who managed to survive a sex scandal as Nicolas Sarkozy’s culture minister sparked by his self-confessed incursions in male brothels in Bangkok, was a guest of the Prince Pierre Foundation in Monaco, to their first of a series of conferences on Monday, January 12, 2015. He talked about his latest book entitled The Recreation published in 2013, a witty behind-the-scenes depiction of the Sarkozy government during the openly gay Mitterrand’s three years tenure as Minister of Culture and Communication from 2009 to 2012, that even details his fantasies about fellow ministers.

Frederic Mitterand is a French and Tunisian citizen born 21 August 1947 in Paris, and nephew of Francois Mitterand, who was President of France from 1981 to 1995. The Miterrands are from the Cognac area of South-western France where the original patriarch Joseph was a vinegar-maker in the early part of the last century. Joseph had eight children, with Francois becoming the most famous as Socialist president of France. His elder brother Robert was an engineer and company administrator and Frederic’s father. A very accomplished, cultivated and multifaceted individual who has been an actor, screenwriter, TV presenter, writer, producer, director and gays rights activist, also writes a column for the publication Tetu (French for stubborn), the main gay and lesbians magazine published in France.

The Recreation by Frederic MitterrandThe Recreation is a conscience examination done at a distance and related with the open candor and frankness that characterizes the former French Minister of Culture. Mitterrand describes it as a tentative to bring objectivity to your experience, be true to yourself. In retrospect, he comes to the conclusion that what he enjoyed the most during those three long years was to have dared to enter the political lions’ cage and witness their barbarity as well as their weaknesses.

He actually confesses to have received some brutal punches, but most importantly he was not knocked out and managed to survive three rounds (2009-2012). He declared that he has kept a key to the cage, and as he likes to share, he puts it at the disposal of those who would like to use it. But he warns them that they need to fancy this type of sport and learn how to run faster than the great deer. In my interpretation, more than the requirement to be cultivated to be Minister of Culture, Mitterrand proves that you need to be a strong and savvy political beast.

If his latest book is as entertaining and witty as Frederic Mitterrand is in person, then it will surely make for very interesting reading in spite of being 720-pages long.

“Power is a strong drug. We have the feeling of being at the heart of many things, and we meet many interesting people. It is a permanent shot.” Frederic Mitterrand

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