Primo Cup more than 30 years marking the start of winter regattas in Monaco

1000 sailors in 188 vessels battled in Monegasque waters two weekends in a row

During the past two consecutive weekends 188 boats with crews totaling 1000 sailors from all over Europe, divided into 10 classes, battled in Monegasque waters seduced by the coveted Primo Cup Credit Suisse Trophy organized by the Yacht Club of Monaco (YCM). It marked the start of the regattas winter season and was the only competition taking place in France due to severe weather conditions for the Atlantic and West Mediterranean coasts.

Brave amateur navigators had the chance to rub shoulders with experienced navigators in the sailing world and America’s Cup, like Italian Francesco de Angelis and Frenchmen Sebastien Col and Marc Pajot. In the end it was the Russians and German-Swiss who outnumbered the fleets and ruled in the results.

There was also activity on land, in the new YCM’s facilities, where the Vice-President of ISAF’s Race Committee, Nino Shmueli from Israel, and Ilker Bayindir from Turkey, carried on workshops on race management, and instructive courses in the know-how of race classification software by the French Sailing Federation.

Final Results – Russians and German-Swiss dominance

First Weekend – Friday, January 30-Sunday, February 1, 2015 – There were 92 terms, representing 13 countries and divided in 6 classes (SB20, Surprise, Dragon, Star, IRC Classes 3 & 4, Smeralda 888) used all their might to tame the elements during 2 courses.

SB20 – There were 22 registrations representing 7 countries for this class with the youngest average age sailors, including both beginner racers along very experienced ones. FFV Jeunes Talents came an honorable second, following Englishman John Pollard in Xcellent, with Russian Kirill Frolov joining them on the podium.

  1. Xcellent (John Pollard – 9 pts)
  2. FFV Jeunes Talents SB20 (Robin Follin – 12 pts)
  3. Melstom Team (Kirill Frolov – 17 pts)

Surprise – The Swiss proved to be the boss in this class, with five boats in the first six places! Nicolas Groux from Societe Nautique won the event for the third time ahead of Eric Monnin and Jerome Clerc who arrived third.

  1. Signaterre CER1 (Nicolas Groux – 8 points)
  2. Va-Rhum 9 (Eric Monnin – 8 pts)
  3. Teo Jaob by Realteam (Jerome Clerc – 10 pts)

Dragon – Olympic medallist Russian Anatoly Logivnov was the winner, coming ahead of the Italian crew on Cloud, with YCM member Jens Rathsack joining them on the podium on the third position.

  1. Annapurna (Anatoly Logivnov – 5 pts)
  2. Cloud (Giuseppe Duca – 6 pts)
  3. Little Hook (Jens Rathsack – 8 pts)

Star – A well represented class with 32 registrations of the highest level, with a very close fight among the first nine boats. Victory went to Junior with Jean-Gabriel Charton at the helm. Italian Maurizio Planine came second ahead of the Swiss Berhanrd Seger in Madbox.

  1. Junior (Jean-Gabriel Charton – 6 pts)
  2. Annetta (Maurizio Planine – 15 pts)
  3. Madbox (Bernhard Seger – 20 pts)

IRC 3 & 4 – Victory went to Maxime Vyncke on board LOL, followed second by a young crew on Nutella for the first time in Monaco, and pushing the winner of last year Jean-Claude Bertrand to a third position.

  1. LOL (Maxime Vyncke – 4 pts)
  2. Nutella (Max Laout – 5 pts)
  3. Tchin Tchin (Jean-Claude Bertrand – 6 pts)

Smeralda 888 – After being absent for several months Prince Charles de Bourbon-Siciles, who is the class President, was back ending up 3rd on the podium. Second was Peter Grut and family and first position went to Adalberto Mini, the YCM’s Sailing Commissioner and his loyal crew.

  1. Botta Dritta (Adalberto Mini – 5 pts)
  2. Gryphon (Peter Grut – 8 pts)
  3. Vamos mi amor (Charles Bourbon de Sicile – 10 pts)

Second Weekend – February 6-8, 2015 – For the last race of the day on Sunday, February 8 a 12-knot westerly wind shifting East at the end of the day allowed the Race Committee to lay courses on a flat sea for the one-designs (Longtze Premier, Melges 20, J/70, Platu 25) and the expanding IRC fleet.

Longtze Premier – The non-attendance of four-time Primo Cup winner Nicolas Berenger (training for Tour de France sailing) left the competition pretty open. And it was Petit Dragon under the command of Marc Malleret and his team who clearly dominated the weekend with three race wins, followed closely by Jarno Wieland who was second last year, with Frenchman Laurent Abignoli coming third and missing a chance of victory du to being black-flagged in the third race.

  1. Petit Dragon (Marc Mallaret – 5 pts)
  2. Shensu (Jarno Wieland – 9 pts)
  3. Tendrisse (Laurent Abignoli – 12 pts)

Melges 20 – The most international competition with 8 nationalities grouped in 28 unities. It was Monegasque Agusto Corrado who surprised everybody coming in front of Italian Mirko de Falco, followed by young Russian Polina Liubomirova of only 20 years old, member of the Russian crew of the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club.

  1. Customly (Agusto Corrado – 4 pts)
  2. Peccere (Mirko de Falco – 8 pts)
  3. Bronenosec (Polina Liubomirova – 9 pts)

J/70 – This popular series had 32 registered entries, it is a good omen for the European Open Championship organized by the YCM October 12-17, 2015, and the fleet is also motivated by another event in Monaco March 28-29, the first act of the national J/70 Italian Championship.

The German Claus Lehmann came first just one point ahead of the Italian Alesio Marinelli, who was followed in third position by Ludovic Senechal.

  1. Blanker Hans (Claus Lehmann – 7 pts)
  2. UJI UJI (Alesio Marinelli – 8 pts)
  3. Lulu la Nantaise (Ludovic Senechal – 9 pts)

Platu 25 – Victory went to the Swiss Markus Sigrist who had been third last year, with second place for German Wolfgang Renz and Michael Haacke a close third.

  1. Ursa Minor (Markus Sigrist – 4 pts)
  2. Spirit of 25 (Wolfgang Renz – 7 pts)
  3. Amica (Michael Haacke – 8 pts)

IRC 1 & 2 – In spite of the Primo Cup being mainly a one-design course it has been open to the participation of the IRC boats happy to prepare for the upcoming season. Swiss Jean-Jacques Chaubard made it to the podium after winning four races, with Olivier Maubert second ahead of Vadim Iakimeno.

  1. Team Vision Future (Jean-Jacques Chaubard – 3 pts)
  2. Esparlica 4 (Olivier Maubert – 6 pts)
  3. Amber Miles (Vadim Iakimeno – 8 pts)

Watching from the shore

Prize Ceremony – Congratulations to all the sailors!  

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