Building a collection at Villa Suber and La Paloma – New National Museum of Monaco

A selection of works acquired by the NMNM over the past decade

Thursday, March 19, 2015 the friends of the New National Museum of Monaco (NMNM) were invited to Villa Sauber for the private viewing of the second part of the exhibition “Building a Collection”, a selection of works purchased over the past 10 years, and that will be open to the public until September 27, 2015. The first one is being exhibited at Villa Paloma through June 7, 2015. The exhibition was curated by Marie-Claude Beaud, Celia Bernasconi and Cristiano Raimondi.

The objective of the museum is to acquire, preserve and promote collections to protect the natural, cultural and scientific heritage of the Principality. The MNMN’s collection includes works from the former Museum of Fine Arts, the long-term loan of a collection of theatrical items from the Societe des Bains, a donation of dolls and automats collected by Madeleine de Galea – with works purchased, donated or on a long-term loan thanks to state funding and the support of private patrons, particularly the Association of Friends of the NMNM and UBS AG, the Museum’s main partner. The main idea behind this dual exhibition is a “Collection of collections”.

The enhancement of a collection of heritage or historical importance is inextricably linked to considering contemporary art, because it is through living artists that the link between the past, present and future is maintained. The idea of contemporaneity is therefore self-evident, and, one could say, absolutely essential.

Building a Collection (Construire une Collection) is also an opportunity to review progress made since the project for the Museum was first conceived just over ten years ago in 2003, and five years after the opening of Villa Paloma which, with Villa Sauber (which had housed the Madeleine de Galéa Collection of Dolls and Automata for 35 years until 2009), definitively formed the New National Museum of Monaco (Nouveau Musee National de Monaco).

Revising form and nature – Villa La Paloma – Open through June 7, 2015

Villa Paloma Crédit photo NMNM-Sidney Guillemin

Villa Paloma @NMNM Sydney Guillemin

The exhibition at Villa La Paloma (56, Bv du Jardin Exotique) brings together works by William Anastasi, Richard Artschwager, Michel Blazy, Pascal Broccolichi, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Alain Declercq, Jean Dubuffet, Hubert Duprat, Jan Fabre, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Geert Goiris, Gary Hill, Rebecca Horn, Anish Kapoor, Jochen Lempert, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané,Su-Mei Tse and Cerith Wyn Evans.

These artists offer a revision of form and nature with the objective of re-appropriating nature in their own way to give it a new symbolic meaning. They ended up redefining the landscape while emphasising the special relationship between art and science.

A collection of collections – Villa Sauber – Open through September 27, 2015

Building a Collection sign @CelinaLafuenteDeLavotha

The exposition at Villa Sauber (17, Av Princesse Grace) includes works by Arman, Robert Barry, Christian Boltanski, Lourdes Castro, César, Mark Dion, Erró, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Claire Fontaine, Jeppe Hein, Linda Fregni Nagler, Camille Henrot, Bertrand Lavier, Anne et Patrick Poirier et Hans Schabus. Most of the works presented here were either inspired by collections or the collections themselves have become works of art or have inspired other pieces.

The visitors are invited to discover or rediscover: An original work by Mark Dion, already presented during Oceanomania in 2011, produced from different objects from NMNM collections; like the works in the Reading Salon by Stephan Magnin; a collection of baby portraits, excellent summary of history of photography; a collection of postal stamps by Hans Schabus presented as a color palette; or a theater of shadows by artist Hans-Peter Feldmann, produced with toys and acquired in 2012. Not to miss the Garage Sauber that houses the Ferrari of Bertrand Lavier, the Victoire de Villetaneuse by Cesar, and the Neon of Claire Fontaine at the entrance of the villa.

Exhibition Catalogue

A complete catalogue of the exhibition published by the NMNM and designed by Pascal Storz and Tim Wetter will be released in the spring, with texts by Joerg Bader, Sarina Basta, Marie-Claude Beaud, Celia Bernasconi, Jean-Michel Bouhours, Sofia Eliza Bouratsis, Marie de Brugerolle, Natalia Brizuela, Cathleen Chaffee, Thierry Davila, Christine Eyene, Eva Fabbris, Mark Feary, João Fernandes, Jill Gasparina, Danièle Giraudy, Jacinto Lageira, Enrico Lunghi, Simone Menegoi, Olivier Michelon, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Chiara Parisi, Cristiano Raimondi, Damien Sausset and Chris Sharp.

“When I was growing up, my mother would take me to plays and museums, and we’d talk about life. Those times helped shape who I became.” Jill Scott (American singer, model and actress)



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