Monegasque resident Daniela Parkes needs your help to rebuild Gyanu’s home in Nepal

Helping one Nepalese family at a time

Daniela was 17-years-old when she went to Nepal in the summer of 2012, to work as a volunteer in a school teaching English and Drama, in what became a life changing experience that made her into the compassionate woman she became. She was living in a hostel in a small village called Bungamati, in the outskirts of Kathmandu. It was there where she met the friendliest people on the planet, and among them Gyanu, a gentle and wonderful woman, who was doing the cooking and cleaning in the hostel. Gyanu herself was living in a tiny house with her sons and caring for her sick husband. The recent earthquakes that hit the area destroyed Gyanu’s home, so Daniela and two volunteers got into action to find a way to raise funds to help the family rebuild their little house and their lives, before the monsoon season starts.

We invite you to visit the fundraising link below for a personal account of Daniela’s story, and her candid request for donations to help her dear friend and family in Nepal. In exchange for your generosity you will receive four delicious recipes of the meals prepared by Gyanu, who Daniela considers as the “Queen of the Kitchen”, and will make your mouth water!



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