Goddess Lady Gaga singing jazz with legendary Tony Bennett in Monte-Carlo

Winning duo dancing cheek to cheek 

Friday, July 4, 2015, became a historic event at the Sporting in Monte-Carlo, with the highly anticipated performance of the duo Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett who sang a jazz repertoire, in a packed Salle des Etoiles and in the presence of HSH Princess Charlene sitting at the table just behind ours, accompanied by Lady Gaga’s entourage including the singer’s fiancee Taylor Kinney, the handsome American actor and model with whom she is engaged to  be married.

Crooner Tony Bennett is 88 years old, and is still a commanding presence on stage even if his voice has lost some suppleness and is a little more throaty, he still sounds great, his phrasing effortless, after all these decades of delighting his public with his songs. Celebrity monster Lady Gaga, changing into different dazzling costumes almost with every song, really has found her way into this different kind of music and they become a harmonic duo.   Lady Gaga (29) can certainly sing and dance and the public cheered loudly! The duo of the elegant gentleman and the dance-pop sensation parading with her flamboyant dresses may seem a rather unlikely pair, but they have a lot in common. They both love music, have sold millions of albums, won multiple Grammys, and survived ups and downs in their careers, and came up with a fruitful collaboration reinterpreting together the jazz standards. “These songs never go out of style,” Bennett was quoted saying.

The photos below were taken with my iPhone under very low light, but they serve to illustrate this article.

Lady Gaga had confessed that his dear friend Tony Bennett helped her through a troubling time, and she had said publicly, “I didn’t event want to sing anymore.” Yesterday evening she told the Monegasque public: “Tony saved me!” It was Bennett who met Gaga at a benefit concert where he had heard her perform for the first time. He asked to see her offstage and the first thing he told her was, “Let’s do an album together.” To what she responded, “Okay.” And the rest is history in the making!

“Cheek to Cheek” is the 57th album studio of the American singer Tony Bennet in collaboration with American diva singer Lady Gaga, her 50th, and is a collection of jazz titles. It was launched July 28, 2014 and the critics celebrate this alliance. In February 2015, after performing their 50th single Cheek to Cheek, the duo got received the prize to the best vocal pop traditional album during the Grammy Awards.

Watch the video of Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga during the 57th Grammy Awards 2015 ceremony in Los Angeles:

Today’s quote

“You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.” Lady Gaga

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