An afternoon in front of the camera lens of fashion photographer Amedeo Turello in Monaco

A wonderful gift and an unforgettable experience 

For my birthday, my dear husband Zsolt, gave me a very special present, a private photo-shoot with the famous, Italian and Monaco resident, fashion photographer Amedeo M. Turello. That my husband wanted me to pose for a renowned photographer was in itself a wonderful compliment, but when Amedeo decided to do it for free it became a double wonderful gift.

Amedeo came to our home a week in advance of the shooting and together we selected several outfits from my closet, with his only wish that they be either black and/or white. On the day of the photo shooting, Amedeo arrived at our home accompanied by two accomplished members of his team: make up artist Alberto Goggeri and coiffeur Simone Tomasini, who really made me feel at ease so I enjoyed every moment. Most of the clothes I wore that day were from my favorite Swiss designer Albert Kriemler from AKRIS, and also a black long dress by Danish couturier Isabell Kristensen as well as a robe by friend and designer Elizabeth Wessel. Being a photo model for a day, getting all the attention and being pampered, was a truly unforgettable experience, and ending up with an album of large photos by this talented artist became a real treasure.

About Amedeo Turello

Amedeo M.Turello-Photo Eva HelenaBorn and raised in Italy, Amedeo M. Turello studied architecture at the Politecnico di Torino. He has been a consultant for various high-level international luxury brands as well as a freelance art director for luxury editorial projects and has dedicated himself to fashion photography since 1999. His involvement with photography grew from a natural love of the visual arts and from his strong background in sociology, history of art and design. Today, his photographic and creative activity is mainly dedicated to celebrity fashion editorials and portraits.

 He is a regular workshop teacher and lecturer for international photo festivals such as Toscana Foto Festival, Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, and the St. Moritz Art Masters (In the photo on the right Greg Gorman, Steve McCurry, William Klein, Amedeo Tupelo, Holger Eckstein and Gilles Marie Zimmermann in St. Moritz-2011) . Based in Monte Carlo, he works primarily between the French Riviera, New York, Los Angeles and Milan. He conducted workshops at L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie during the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie festival held in Arles.

Amedeo has photographed a wide range of celebrities, such as Naomi Campbell, Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli, to name a few. Amedeo believed in Dita Von Teese as a fashion icon and contributed to her launching in the fashion world through his shooting of “The Mistress and her Pupils”. The artist was the author of the now archetypal engagement official photograph of HSH Prince Albert II and HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco.

The artist’s vision of women

Cover of the book 10 Years Celebrating Women by Amedeo TurelloTen years after his début into the photography world, Amedeo M.Turello shares his unique vision in this stunning edition of some of his finest work. In “10 Years Celebrating Women”, the concept of the coffee table book is turned upside down and we are taken to the frontier of upmarket fashion magazine versus fine art book, as Amedeo proves that he has found ways of captivating his subjects with style and refined flamboyance. Some formal portraits, some deliciously risqué, all images are linked with a common thread, in that they celebrate the beauty of strong, elegant women. Black and white alternates with colour, each frame a personal journey into the intense and vulnerable relationship between photographer and model. The images selected are not only some of his best known and loved but we are also made privy to a smaller selection of rare, unpublished works.

Pages of 10 years of Celebrating Women by Amedeo TurelloWith intimate essays and quotes from some of the world s most acclaimed celebrities and influential names, this collection charts his photographic evolution and cements his status at the forefront of the fashion arena. The book is a reflection upon Amedeo s own personal insight to women: simple and classic, but with a contemporary twist, in a large format hardback edition with 245 colour and black and white photographs. It bears the foreword by leading Italian photo critic Giuliana Scimé. Contributing authors include: Paulo Coelho, Giusi Ferré, Carmen Bin Laden, Lou Mollgaard and Cara Weston with personal memoirs by Dita Von Teese, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Carré Otis, Roberto Cavalli and Tommy Hilfiger.

An avid collector

Layout 1Amedeo is also an avid art collector as can be seen in the book Mirrors of the Magic Muse by Maurizio Rebuzzini, a remarkable display of 1,500 of the most beautiful images in the history of photography from the photographer’s personal collection. (Maurizio Rebuzzini is an adjunct professor in the History of Photography at the Department of Humanities & Philosophy at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, and at the European Institute of Design. He is also director of FOTOgraphia.)

During the recent FIAC in Paris, Artcurial held an auction of 200 photos from the body of work assembled by Amedeo that includes the most famous artists of the 20th century, some of whom became his friends through mutual collaborations. Not only he is a great photographer but appreciates has a wonderful taste for the work of others. Great masters such us Man Ray, Edouard Boubat, Hans Bellmer, Elliott Erwitt, William Klein, Robert Mapplethorpe, Cindy Sherman, Jean-Loup Sieff and even Jean-Baptiste Mondino… as well as those of young photographers, celebrate feminine beauty. «Pictures of strong, independent women, proud and radiant, sensitive and fragile… each image is a story in itself, embodying the soul and the true essence of beauty, along with all the contrasts and contradictions that are unique to each individual», said Amedeo M. Turello.

Today’s quote

“A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound.” Charles Baudelaire, 1859

8 thoughts on “An afternoon in front of the camera lens of fashion photographer Amedeo Turello in Monaco

  1. Spectacular! What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day. You and Zolt truly know how to live by and preserve the Newly Wed Charm, celebrating one another at every opportunity. Bravo! Hugs and Kisses… Sandra

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