Mission accomplished for the No Finish Line in Monaco breaking all records to help children in need

The charitable race with a big heart

A runner with the Heart mascot during the NFL-2015@Andre FaureThis Sunday, November 22, 2015 and after a course of more than 190 hours, another edition of the No Finish Line was successfully accomplished. Loyal supporter HSH Prince Albert II accompanied by the carabineers brass band was there to celebrate the largely surpassed goals.

It was a very moving moment when the Prince was honored with two commemorative t-shirts for his little twins.

Records are meant to be broken:

  • 13,617 participants (objective at the start 13,000)
  • 383,179 km (goal 350,000)
  • 383,179 Euros will benefit projects for underprivileged children, as the association Children and the Future will reverse 1Euro per 1km covered.

One more time, the course of generosity and love was a bursting success, thanks to the increased number of participants, the investment of cheerful hard working volunteers and the loyal support from sponsors. The new more varied itinerary in the neighborhood of Fontvieille, going through the beautiful Princess Grace rose garden, was very much appreciated by the participants, representing 183 Monegasque companies with more than 6500 people that make more than 60% of the kilometers each year, plus individuals and experienced runners.

Flash scores 

Everybody who participated in the NFL is a winner for walking or running for a great cause, but here are some sportive scores worth mentioning:

  • The Prince’s Cup went to Robert Miorin for his 1004km covered in 7 days and 21 heures (the 4th to go over the 1,000 km since the creation of the NFL)
  • 3rd, Luca Papi-886km
  • 2nd, Alexandre Forestieri-908km
  • First Woman and 8th in general classification, Mimi Chevillon-813km (her own personal objective was to complete 800km in 8 days)
  • 2nd, Sarah Barnett-688km
  • 3rd, Viviane Julienne-553km
  • First team winner goes to ACM/Foundation Sancta Devota-18.145km repeating their victory of 2015.
  • 2nd, MI-14.959km
  • 3rd, JB Pastor & Fils-11.720km

During the NFL, a counterpart course reserved to experienced runners, the 24h, registered in the official calendar of the French Athletic Federation and the Monegasque Athletic Federation from Saturday, November 21 at 9:00 to Sunday, November 22 at 9:00, registered new records among the 173 runners (individually and the 13 relay teams).

  • Individual Men: 1st Fausto Parigi- 227km; 2nd Georges Mayer-206km and 3rd Gregory Petitjean-181km
  • Individual Women: 2st Chiara Milanesi- 175km; 2nd Rosella Verzeletti-169km and 3rd Chantal Tregou-152km.
  • For the 13 relay runners, in 1st position the Monaco Firefighters-297 km
  • 2nd , Beaulieu Endurance-286 km
  • 3rd , Vinci Construction/ MC Sobeam-263km.

Philippe Verdier, creator of the NFL, said that this year the distance covered of 383,179 km “is almost the distance from Earth to the Moon.” So for the next edition on November 12-20, 2016 in Fontvieille neighborhood, Verdier announced that the objective would be to “reach out and touch the stars”.

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