The troupe of Femmes Leaders Monaco celebrated their 5th anniversary with a charity show

Taking the stage for a great cause

Poster of Show Surprise by Femmes Leaders Mondiales MonacoAfter many months of preparation and arduous repetitions, the troupe of Femmes Leaders Mondiales Monaco unveiled their solidarity Surprise Show on Monday, December 14, 2015, at the Theatre des Varietes in Monte-Carlo.

Yveline discussing the latest details backstage before the show @CelinaLafuenteDeLavotha

The spectacle was made possible thanks to the artistic direction of Yvelyne Garnier, President of the Musical Company YG and passionate of French songs, with musical arrangements by Stephane Eliot. These talented women, with diverse professional careers, took the stage to raise funds for Nepal and delighted the audience that came in great numbers.

The scenography was magnificent with attractive lighting and with supporting images accompanying each rendition creating the perfect mood, a truly creative and professional job.

A talented cast 

Let me introduce you to the troupe: First and foremost our professional lead singer and artistic director Yvelyne Garnier; talented vocalists Francoise and Mireille; the colorful and funny trio of comedians Emma, Corinne and Daniele; the romantic Russian melodies by lyric singer Irina evoking the chants from the emigrants as an ode to the culmination of the Russian year in the Principality; the representation of Viviane and Hilde as the famous French comedy duo “Les Vamps” that made everybody laugh so much; plus the nice tunes by Chantal and also Joelle. Without forgetting all the other members of the association, too many to name them all, that helped backstage in the organisation of this charity event, or welcoming the public, arranging the refreshments after the show, and of course our photographer extraordinaire Valentina de Gaspari. The success of this entertaining solidarity evening was the result of true teamwork!

Meeting the artists backstage
They put a great show! 

Help rebuild schools in Rigaon

The hard work of this caring group of women helped raise Euro 4,250 benefiting the Monegasque association Namaste, presided by Nancy Dotta who was present at the show accompanied by Jean-Marc Nowak. The check was presented by Hilde Haneuse Heye, Founder and President of FLMM, and standing by her side was a loyal supporter of her association, celebrated French TV Host and Director Antoine de Maximy. Namaste has been supporting isolated villages in the mountains remote area of Rigaon, NW of Katmandu, to assist them in improving their living conditions, including education and health. Both Dotta and Nowak were in Nepal on April 25, 2015 during the earthquake that claimed more than 7,500 victims and their goal is to provide temporary shelter to the habitants of Rigaon and later on build permanent homes and help them return to normal life. The donation from FLMM will help rebuild schools in the area as in spite of their precarious situation, as Jean-Marc Nowak emphasises that the Nepalese have their children’s education as their top priority.

Today’s quote

“I can promise that women working together – linked, informed and educated – can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.” Isabel Allende





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