Festival of Comedy of Monte-Carlo unveiled program of comedies screened this week – Laugh a little!

Eight international comedies and an exceptional jury

MFFC official poster 2016Ezio Greggio, President of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival of Comedy, met the press yesterday at the Fairmont Hotel to unveil the program of this unique event he created, and that it is now on its 13th successful edition. Greggio was surrounded by members of the jury composed of distinguished personalities of the Seventh art. Among them are: Gabriele Muccino, who had directed Will Smith, Catherina Zeta-Jones or Russell Crow and who recently announced his new American film with Andrien Brody; Robert John Davi, American actor and producer known for his role as Vietnam veteran and Special Agent Jonhson in Die Hard, and for playing the villain and drug lord Franz Sanchez in the 1989 Bond film Licence to Kill; Barmak Akram, film producer and scriptwriter from Afghanistan, having to his credit movies like Kabuli Kid and Wajma, an Afghan Love Story that won the best storyline at the Sundance Festival; Vincent Le Leurch, journalist with Film Francais; and last but not least Markus Duffner.

For this edition the jury will be complemented by the vote from the public that will play a supplementary role. “I have decided to include the vote of the public great friend of comedy, that always determines success – announced Ezio Greggio – Around twenty members of the public jury will decide on the best film, a vote to be accounted for with the other votes.”

The films are strictly comedies coming from the Czech Republic, France, England, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Japan, Italy and United States. They are projected in their original language with subtitles in French.

Program of screenings at Theatre des Varietes – March 1-6, 2016

The festival got to an exhilarating start yesterday evening with the projection of the film from Spain My Big Night, directed by Alex de la Iglesia. A comedy considered as irreverent, grotesque, imperfect, sophisticated and bold, violent and physical, cultish and popular.

Wednesday, March 2

11:00 – Ryuzo and his Seven Henchmen (Japan, 2015 – 110’) – It is the latest directorial effort by Master Takeshi Kitano, a return to comedy.

15:30 – Liza, the fox-fairy (Hungary, 2015 – 98’) – Karoly Ujj Meszaros’ first film feature takes place in the 1970s Hungary and follows Liza, a bright young nurse who loves all things Japanese. It is a kind of black comedy with a touch of Hungarian humor.

19:45 – Marie and Misfits (France, 2016 – 104’) – A romantic comedy directed by Sebastien Betbeder, that swings an alternative love triangle, between fiction and literature. A superb casting: Pierre Rochefort, Vimala pons, Eric Cantona, Damien Chapelle and Emmanuelle Riva.

Thursday, March 3

11:00 – Lost in Munich (Czech Republic, 2015 – 96’) – The film is directed by Petr Zelenka and it evolves around an absurd plot that leads to a hilarious behind-the-scenes story.

15:30 – Death by Death (Belgium/France, 2016 – 90’) – Xavier Seron’s first feature film is set in a tragicomic world that follows a hypochondriac man. The striking black and white images give us a trivial view of life and death through its farcical humour.

19:45 – Anacleto Agente Secreto (Spain, 2015 – 87’) – After the hilarious “Three More Weddings”, Javier Ruiz Caldera moves to the action genre, based on the characters crea ted by legendary cartoonist Vazquez.

Friday, March 4

11:00 – Men & Chicken (Denmark, 2015 – 104’) – This comedy by acclaimed short film director and Oscar-winning director Anders Thomas Jensen (Election Night) and co-screenwriter of Susanne Bier’s Oscar-winning In a Better World, is a dark comedy bending through genres that investigates a dysfunctional family.

15:30 – The legend of Barney Thomson (UK, 2015 – 96’) – Robert Carlyle’s (Francis Begbie’s Trainspotting and Full Monty’s star “Gaz”) directorial debut is a macabre comedy with a touch of urban thriller. Casting: Robert Carlyle, Emma Thompson, Ray Winstone, Tom Courtenay and James Cosmo.

19:45 – Forever Young (Italy, 2016) – This film by Fausto Brizzi is shown on avant premiere, is based on the premise that today no one follows a dream anymore,nor an ideal, not even money, everyone looks for his lost youth. If you are young your “in”, if you are old you are “out”.

Saturday, March 5

11:00 – Belmondo par Belmondo by Paul Belmondo. This film that is a tribute of a son to his father will be presented in the presence of Paul Belmondo.

19:45 – All roads lead to Rome (USA/Italy, 2016 – 90’) – This Italo-American comedy directed by Ella Lemhagem, shown in avant premiere in Monaco, tells the story of Maggie (Jessica Parker), an uptight single mother and teacher, and her former Italian lover, Luca (Raoul Bova), go on an exciting road trip across Italy pursuing Maggie’s rebellious teenage daughter, Summer (Rosie Day). Meanwhile, Luca’s mother, Carmen (Claudia Cardinale) is on secret mission to reunite with her long lost love.

Awards Gala 

The Festival will culminate with the Awards Gala on Sunday, March 6 at the Grimaldi Forum at 19:00 (by invitation only). Prizes recognising the professional careers will be discerned to Claude Brasseur, the incredible Claudia Cardinale, Dante Ferretti, Francesca Lo Schiavo and American actor Billy Zane, best known for his role in Titanic.  Furthermore, Cristiana Capotondi and Madalina Ghenea will receive the Comedy Award 2016 of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival.

Today’s quote

“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.” Peter Ustinov















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