Final curtain for the J/70s Monaco Sports Boat Winter Series

Italian Giacomo Loro Piana claims victory

The Monaco’s Sports Boat Winter Series (MSBWS) organised by the Yacht Club of Monaco from its state of the art Headquarters in Port Hercules, continues to attract an ever-increasing body of teams from all over Europe. Seven nations are represented: Monaco, Italy, UK, Russia, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

Act 5 of the J/70s MSBWS was scheduled from March 4-6, 2016. Racing had to be cancelled on Saturday due to severe weather conditions and very rough seas, but as the saying goes the sun always comes back after the storm. Sunday March 6, 2016 was the 5th and final Act of the Monaco Sports Boat Winter Series for the J/70s, after three days and six races, with Italian Giacomo Loro Piana (Mary J) claiming victory ahead of Filippo Pacinotti (Pensavo Peggio) and the Swiss Nicolas Groux (Aprotec) in 3rd honorable place.

Held once a month from October to March, under the initiative of Valentin Zavadnikov (Synergy), the regattas provide amateur and professional teams an opportunity to establish their winter training base in Monaco to prepare for the summer’s bigger competitions.

Jacopo Carrain on Carpe Diem retained title

After 23 races for the 2015-2016 edition which saw a total of 64 teams competing, the President of the Monaco Class Association, Jacopo Carrain (Carpe Diem) retained his title in coming on top of the overall ranking. Not far behind, just half a point short was the British boat led by Sam Carter (Brutus) and in 3rd place Monegasque Stefano Roberti (Piccinina). “The level was very high,” commented the winner, “and it was great to see the Monegasque fleet of 18 boats, which has made such progress, with seven boats in the top ten this season at the end of five Acts. It really bodes well for the next challenge, the Italian J/70 Championship which starts in the Principality 1st to 3rd April before San Remo. It’s a great opportunity to prepare for the Europeans in Kiel as there are six teams from the Yacht Club de Monaco planning to make the trip.”

Chimera wins Princess Grace Trophy

No. 1 Chimera, Ulrich Vater - Star European Circuit @FTerlin-201This weekend there were also eight Stars racing in Act 3 of their European Winter Series (Princess Grace Trophy). With five race wins in the bag, the German Ulrich Vater (Chimera) won this competition hands down ahead of Italian Carlo Brenco (Stella), with Daniel Stegmeier’s British team (GBR 7990) in 3rd and YCM member Andrea Orlando in 4th.

A system of GPS trackers to follow the races live, live streaming and direct arbitration on the water are among many tools deployed by the Yacht Club de Monaco to optimize sailors’ preparation and promote development of one-design racing in the Principality. With its new facilities built to host major nautical events, the YCM consolidates its reputation as a winter training & racing base for international sailors.

J/70 Monaco Sports Boat Winter Series – Act 5

Act V final ranking (after 6 races)

  1. ITA – Giacomo Loro Piana (Mary J) 20 Pts
  2. ITA – Filippo Pacinotti (Pensevo Peggio) 22 Pts
  3. SUI – Nicolas Groux (Aprotec) 29 Pts

Final ranking for the Monaco Sports Boat Winter Series 2015-2016 (after 23 races)

  1. MON – Jacopo Carrain (Carpe Diem) 172.5 Pts
  2. GBR – Sam Carter (Brutus) 173 Pts
  3. MON – Stefano Roberti (Zibidor Piccinina) 175 Pts

Star European Winter Series (Princess Grace Trophy)

Final ranking (after 6 races)

  1. GER – Ulrich Vater (Chimera) 5 Pts
  2. ITA – Carlo Brenco (Stella) 11 Pts
  3. GBR – Daniel Stegmeier (GBR 7990) 12 Pts

Mark your calendars for Melges 20 show down

Next on line from March 18-20, 2016, will be the turn to the Melges 20 in their final Act of the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2015-2016.

Today’s Quote

“Life is a voyage across troubled waters where our days are often spent clinging to the top of the highest mast, scouting for a comforting glimpse of shore.” Rochelle E. Goodrich


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