Curtain call for Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series with Melges 20 on the scene

An event that gets better season after season

It was the turn to the Melges 20s to end the 2015/2016 season of the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series organised by the Yacht Club of Monaco this past Sunday, after eight races over three days of competition. Richard Davies (Section 16), was the winner of the fifth and final Act ahead of Igor Rytov (Russian Bogatyrs) and Philippe Pizzichini (Out of Reach), coming 2nd and 3rd respectively. Philippe Pizzichini deserves to be complimented for a fine performance, after replacing his friend Guido Miani at the last minute, giving it all and managing to win the last leg of the race.

These regattas organized once a month, give international teams an opportunity to establish a winter training base in Monaco and get ready for the summer’s bigger competitions. Valentin Zavadnikov, who encouraged the concept proudly said: “Every edition we improve. For this great finale, all the conditions were right: exceptional weather and eight races. The next season promises to be even better”.

With 23 races over five months and 36 teams competing, the third edition has had a sounding success. Overall winner of the season was Alexander Ezhkov (Pirogovo) who topped the leader-board ahead of Igor Rytov (Russian Bogatyrs) with Yacht Club de Monaco member Vladimir Prosikhin (Nika) in 3rd place.

Eight Smeralda 888s were also competing in their Spring Challenge this past weekend. After winning seven of the nine races, the team led by Timofey Sukhotin (Podeba) claimed the trophy, nine points clear of Roberto Tamburelli (Forrest Gump) in 2nd, and the senior of the fleet, Adalberto Miani (Botta Dritta) in 3rd.

Overall ranking 

Melges 20 Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series – Act 5 results after 8 races

  1. SUI – Richard Davies (Section 16) 21 Pts
  2. RUS – Igor Rytov (Russian Bogatyrs) 25 Pts
  3. MON – Philippe Pizzichini (Out of Reach) 26 Pts

Final results for the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series 2015-2016 after 23 races

  1. RUS – Alexandr Ezhkov (Pirogovo) 87 Pts
  2. RUS – Igor Rytov (Russian Bogatyrs) 90 Pts
  3. RUS – Vladimir Prosikhin (Nika) 96 Pts

Smeralda 888 Spring Challenge results after 9 races

  1. MON – Timofey Sukhotin (Podeba) 9 Pts
  2. MON – Roberto Tamburelli (Forrest Gump) 18 Pts
  3. MON – Adalberto Miani (Botta Dritta) 25 Pts

Today’s Quote

“The only ship you can truly steer in this ocean is the one you’re sailing. Quit trying to alter the winds; harness them.” Richelle E. Goodrich




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