Bringing Jacques Cousteau back to life in a film incarnated by Lambert Wilson

L’Odyssee photo exhibition at Oceanographic Museum

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is hosting a photographic exhibition on the shooting of the film L’Odyssee (The Odyssey), unveiling the universe of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, open to the public until October 11, a day before the film will be released in cinemas all over France.

01_Visite-Lambert-Wilson_20160726_M_DagninoAt the end of July, Lambert Wilson visited the Oceanographic Museum, where Cousteau had been the Director for 31 years (1957-1988), for the opening of the film photo exposition. The actor recalled being a child watching on TV the Calypso go into the sea in front of the imposing façade of the Museum.

He confessed to Robert Calcagno, the present Museum’s Director, that he recognises the seriousness of the situation facing the oceans and the need to protect them, while working on the role of “the man in the red cap”, and appreciates the opportunity to contribute to increasing awareness among the grand public. The resemblance between Cousteau and Lambert Wilson is really striking, as the actor gets under the skin of the legendary oceanographer and explorer.

Photos of the shooting

The oceanographer Francois Sarano, an experienced professional diver and former sea companion of Cousteau is Lambert Wilson’s double in the film. He recalls, “the multiple facets of the man in the red cap, at the same time diver, filmmaker, visionary and revolutionary, with his pressure regulator and his submarine camera”, two inventions that enable a small revolution: observe the animals in its marine environment. Commandant Cousteau is a symbol and the Calypso, a flag bearer known around the world. “Cousteau made us want to discover the oceans, and go see under the mirror”, added Sarano. With only one objective: to protect the wealth of this wild territory.

About the film

L’Odyssee is a film produced by Jerome Salle, shot in four continents including Antarctica. It takes place in 1948 when Jacques-Yves Cousteau, his wife and two children, were living in paradise, in a beautiful house overlooking the Mediterranean seas. But Cousteau was dreaming of adventures. Thanks to his own invention, an autonomous diving gear that allows to breath underwater, he discovered a new world, that he wants to unveil and for which he is ready to risk everything. An exciting adventure with a star studded cast including: Lambert Wilson as Jacques Cousteau; Pierre Niney as Philippe Cousteau; Audrey Tautou as Simone Melchior Cousteau and Vincent Heneine as Albert Falco. Opening on all cinemas in France on October 12, 2016.

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