Creative workshop with Nick Danziger & Rory MacLean in Monaco this October

The art of photography & creative writing all in one  

creative-workshop-with-nick-danziger-and-rory-maclean-monaco-october-17-21-2016Well known British photographer Nick Danziger and countryman experienced adventurous creative non-fiction writer Rory MacLean come together again for their 6th creative workshop in English entitled: Telling Tales, The Art of Creating Stories in Images and Words, running from October 17-21, 2016 in Monaco.

The dynamic duo will conduct a workshop suitable for beginners, advanced amateurs and even professionals, in the art of photography and/or writing.

Being an alumni myself, I truly enjoyed the master-class I took a couple of years ago where you not only learn from the combined knowledge and experience of Nick and Rory, but also from your fellow international students who bring their own diverse and interesting backgrounds to the table.

The hands-on creative workshop became an unforgettable week where emotions run deep and where we gathered invaluable information about both photography and creative writing, with the masters encouraging everybody to put the new acquired knowledge into practice as you go, to enrich present projects or launch future ones.

Here are a few well known photos by Nick Danziger:

For information on the Creative Workshop contact: or

Today’s Quote

“I don’t see the value of boringly reporting the cold facts.” Rory MacLean


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