A symphony of autumn colors in our local market at La Condamine in Monaco

A bountiful season!  

Autumn is my favorite season of the year, when nature brings out its palette with all its vibrant earthy colours! The days may get shorter, but the foliage and the vegetables become more colourful under the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Our local market in La Condamine offers a bounty of seasonal fruits and veggies coming directly from the nearby farms.

I love to accompany my husband Zsolt to the market on weekends, only if he agrees to get there by 9:00 instead of 7:00 as he usually prefers. We enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh croissants, and I take photos while Zsolt does all the shopping, and chats with the vendors who have become his friends. My hubby is the cook in the family and the kitchen is his temple, he goes to the open market everyday, and prepares gourmet meals for us and our friends who attest to his culinary prowess. When Zsolt travels for business he makes sure to leave something for me to eat, and if not I can always have a yoghurt, an avocado, or almonds if there is nothing else left ! If you want to have a look at some of his dishes visit his website at http://www.chefzsoltlavotha.org

Saturday morning at the market

Today’s Quote

“The more colorful the food, the better. I try to add color to my diet, which means vegetables and fruits.” Misty May-Treanor



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