The 8th edition of GemlucArt in Monaco was successfully insane!

Art helping science

invitation-gemlucartTuesday, October 11, was the official opening of the highly anticipated 8th edition of GemlucArt, that run through October 16, 2016, at the Rainier III Auditorium in Monaco. For this occasion the entrance level of the Auditorium became a fanciful Contemporary Art Exhibition, showcasing local and international talented artists, under the inspirational theme “Let’s be foolish: don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

GEMLUC (Monaco Group of Companies in the Fight Against Cancer) is a non-government charitable association created in 1973, presided by Dr. Beatrice Brych and under the Honorary presidency of HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover. Through their annual competition-exhibition GemlucART, they raise funds for medical research to find a cure, purchase state of-the-art materials for hospitals, assist patients and their families, and create awareness about prevention, detection and care by drawing the public attention through the magic of artist expression.

official-opening-of-gemlucart-2016-gemlucart-2016Gemluc invites the public, increasing in number every year,  to discover artists working in Monaco and abroad while creating awareness and raising funds with the sale of artworks for the fight against the devastating disease.

The organization succeeded in making of this exhibition a landmark both in terms of contemporary art as well as innovation in research funding charity work.

A first class jury and a professional logistics & management team

GemlucArt improves with each new edition, thanks to the participation of gifted artists from different parts of the world, an international jury of museum curators and art critics that selected the best artists of 2016, and an outstanding organizing team that worked day and night to put together a high quality exhibition. Their efforts have paid off and the results are obvious, as the exhibition has become an important part of the art calendar in the Principality. 

The members of the Jury

  • Jean-Pierre Pastor (President)
  • Guillaume Barclay (Vice-President)
  • Doctor Beatrice Brych (President of GEMLUC)
  • Adriano Ribolzi
  • Michele Beddington
  • Francois-Xavier Ciais
  • Franck Michel
  • Ondine Roman
  • Mercedes Duerinckx (with the assistance of Nathalie de Weerdt)
  • Clivio Piccione

GemlucArt Team

  • Doctor Beatrice Brych (President of GEMLUC)
  • Laurence Garbatini – General Director
  • Yvon Kergal – Exposition Curator

The best of the crop

award-winners-of-gemlucart-2016-gemlucartIt was again a difficult task for the members of the jury to select the winners of the 8th edition of GemlucArt, among more than 120 works of art by talented local and international artists. But after a long deliberation eight artists received the coveted prizes.

Below is the list of artists with their artwork and the prize they received during the Official Awards Ceremony  that took place on Thursday, October 13 at a packed Auditorium Rainier III, in the presence of members of the Jury, loyal sponsors and partners and an enthusiastic public.

Winners of GemlucArt 2016 

Corinne CHAUVET, France, “Giggles” (Fous rires) GemlucArt Grand Prize – 15 days of exhibition in Monaco

Christophe TIXIER, France, “The coat of conscience”Special Sculpture Prize – 15 days exhibition at Beddington Fine Art Gallery

Romain B., France, “VNDL Dreams”Jury Prize – Exhibition at the Atelier Franck Michel Gallery

BABILAITE, Lithuania, “Fragments of Life”Public Prize – Two exhibitions in international art fairs with Monteoliveto Gallery in Nice and Naples

Mathias WASKE, Germany, “Louis XIV”Special Jury Prize – 15 days exhibition at Marbella Club Hotel (Art Wanson Group)

Jane SAGER, Switzerland, “Crazy House Open – On …Off”- Theme Prize – Personalized E-catalogue of 22 pages

Eric BLANC, France, “Disruption” (Bouleversement)Photography Prize – E-catalogue of 22 pages

Xavier COLIN, France, “Backlight”Favorite Prize – Exhibition at Franck Michel Gallery, Nice, France

Chris TIBOISE, France, “Arab Spring on Canvas” On the Road Prize – Exhibition in the salons of Pitstop Monte-Carlo

The artists expressing out of the box

Below are photos I took of the many participating works of art and some of the artists by their creations. I wished I could feature them all, because they are all winners just by participating in this solidarity exhibition, but you may see all the works exhibited by consulting the GemlucArt 2016 on-line catalogue.

Bravo to the loyal sponsors & partners! 

Groupe Marzocco, Mairie de Monaco, Monaco Direction du Tourisme et des Congres, Galerie Adriano Ribolzi Monaco, Monaco Economic Board, Pastor Properties, SMEG, MI, Galleria Monteoliveto, Novotel, DCS Monaco, Art Wanson Group, Multiprint Monaco, Monaco Faconnage, Gramaglia, Agence Thomas, Studio Abba, Art Cote D’Azur, L’Atelier Franck Michel, IDmediacannes, Beddington Fine Art, Communication, Pitstop Monte-Carlo Societe Nautique Monaco, and Monaco Reporter.

Yvon and Celina at the Sponsors Wall

Mark your calendars for GemlucART 2017

The theme for the 9th edition of GemlucART will be: “Rear Window… meets The Beautiful Story,” based on two famous films directed by cinema monsters Alfred Hitchcok and Claude Lelouch respectively, the theme offers a myriad of possibilities of expression, that will surely seduce the artists’ imagination around the planet. Artists wishing to participate should visit the GemlucArt website.

alfred_hitchcock_rear_window_movie_poster_2aRear Window is a 1954 American mystery thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and considered one of his bests. It tells the story of professional photographer L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries (James Stewart) breaks his leg while getting an action shot at an auto race. Confined to his New York apartment, he spends his time looking out of the rear window observing the neighbors. He begins to suspect that a man across the courtyard may have murdered his wife. Jeff enlists the help of his high society fashion-consultant girlfriend Lisa Freemont (Grace Kelly) and his visiting nurse Stella (Thelma Ritter) to investigate.

la-belle-histoireThe beautiful Story (La Belle Histoire) is a French film directed by Claude Lelouch in 1992. It tells the story of Jesus (Gerard Lanvin), a French gypsy who might have become a bullfighter had he not been framed on a drug charge and sent to prison. Odona (Beatrice Dalle) is a con artist pursued and protected by a Paris policeman. Marie (Marie-Sophie L.), who knew Jesus as a girl, loses her job when she teaches reincarnation and lets her young students kiss honeybees. All experience love, all suffer losses, and all seek peace. Throughout, Jesus’s colorful gypsy family provides dance and music, mystery and celebration. As part of the reincarnation theme, the main characters appear in flashbacks set during the time of Christ and the persecution of early Christians.  

Today’s quote

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.” John Updike

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