The No Finish Line in Monaco reached beyond the Moon raising Euro 392,000 to aid children in need

Take me to the Moon! All united under one cause 

Get me to the Moon No Finish Line 2016 @CelinaLafuenteDeLavotha

This past Sunday, November 17, 2016, 11,739 caring souls run or walked 392,000 km surpassing the objective of covering the distance from the Earth to the Moon, with Euros 392,000 raised (at the rate of 1km = 1 Euro) and the association Children & Future will dedicate the total amount to finance projects in support of underprivileged children. The NFL keeps breaking records in the name of children. Since its inception Children & Future has raised a total Euro 2,404,787.

One more time, this course made of generosity and love was a resounding success, thanks to the number of participants that even when slightly lower increased in individual performance, added to time investment of cheerful hard working volunteers and the loyal support from sponsors.

Young Princess Alexandra of Hannover gave the official kick off and also came during the week to run the course, and of course Prince Albert also run several tours as he does every year. There were 358 teams representing more than 10,000 people who count for more than 60% of the distance covered each year, plus the personal challenge for the individuals and the experience runners who see in the NFL a highly anticipated sportive event.

The new enlarged and more varied itinerary in the neighborhood of Fontvieille, going through the beautiful Princess Grace Rose garden and along the sea, was very much appreciated by the participants.

Everybody is a winner!

Below are some sports results from the solidarity race, but I want to emphasize that every participant is a winner, because each one of them gave their time and effort to raise funds for the children and bring smiles where there were tears. Bravo to everybody who got involved!

Final Results Men / Women

  1. The Prince’s Cup – Didier Sessegolo-939 km
  2. Robert Morin-915 km
  3. Bernard Chevillon-866 km
  1. Mimi Chevillon-716 km and 5th general classification(already winner in 2015)
  2. Sarah Barnett-746 km – An Australian used to the course and who had been 4 times female winner of the No Finish Line
  3. Annick Fouchard Djebli-738 km


  1. Fondation Sancta Devota 13,841 km, already winner in 2015, associated to the ACM.
  2. Flavien Foundation 11,688 km
  3. Barclays Bank Monaco 10,278 km

During the NFL, an homologue course reserved to experienced runners, the 24h that run from Saturday November 19-20, registered in the official calendar of the French Athletic Federation, broke a new record among the 155 runners registered in both the individual and the 6 relay teams.

Individual Males

  1. Fausto Parigi-222km (already winner in 2015)
  2. Manuel Dacunha-210km
  3. Fabio Costi-197km

Individual Females

  1. Francesca Innocenti-180km
  2. Ilaria Pozzi-179km
  3. Serena Natolini-176km

Relay teams

  1. Firefighters of Monaco-322km
  2. Ferberian-317km –
  3. Teams Endurance Shop Menton-280km

Mark your calendars for NFL 2017

The 18th edition of the NFL has been officially scheduled for November 11-19, 2017 again in Fontvieille by popular support and with new records to be broken!

Today’s Quote

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Maya Angelou


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