Passionate performance about love & lovers by the LEV Dance Company in Monaco

Dancers were like contortionists pulsating to throbbing techno beats

Wednesday, December 14, 2016, the L-E-V Dance Company, the name of which includes the Hebrew word for heart (lev), gave a passionate and exciting performance at Grimaldi Forum in Monte-Carlo, as part of the Dance Forum. Their brand new creation “OCD Love”, by Sharon Eval and Gai Behar, dealt with questions of the heart danced to the throbbing techno beats created by DJ Ori Lichtik with dramatic light effects by Thierry Dreyfus. It’s about love that always misses, or lovers who keep missing each other, but this exceptional piece also deals with obsessive-compulsive disorder, that present a tough challenge for love and life.

Sharon Eval said: “I see everything in the piece very dark, and in shadows, you and your shadow dancing. A lot of inspiration for the work comes from the text “OCD” by Neil Hilborn. This text is strong for me because I feel it reflects me so much. I couldn’t stop reading it. For me it was already choreography, or a mold you can put your inspiration in, yourself in. It is the first time that the core of the piece is shaped in my head, and so figurative, before we have even begun working. I know the way it feels and smells. Like the end of the world, without mercy. A smell of flowers, but very dark. Like falling into a hole and not coming back. A lot of noise, but desperation for quiet. It’s not coming from a place that I want to make something sad, but something that I need to take out of myself, like a dark stone I have in my chest.”

The seven dancers, or better call them creatures, worked as a unit contorting and twitching, forming utterly grotesque shapes, and facial gestures, in an eloquent sequency, becoming more than human like developing into a new life form. Gon Biran, Darren Devaney, Mariko Kakizaki, Leo Lerus, Keren Lurie Perdes and Shamel Pitts captivated the audience during 55 minutes, and when it ended they exploded in a standing repeated ovation, they were thirsty for more and nobody wanted to leave! I have to confess I was dancing on my seat and imitating their movements, enthralled by music pulsating beats and the powerful performance. We were taken on a fantastic voyage to a faraway land.

Today’s Quote

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Martha Graham

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