Kamil gallery partnered with Fight Aids Monaco exposing artworks by people living with HIV

First edition of Expositive 

On Thursday, March 10, 2017 the Kamil Art Gallery (KAG) opened the first edition of a unique exhibition entitled Expositive, in collaboration with Fight Aids Monaco (FAM), presenting works by artists affiliated with FAM who are living with HIV, organised under the High Patronage and in the presence of HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco, President of the association she created in 2004. Expositive will be open to the public until March 31, 2017.

Exhibiting artists Agnes H., Bibal P., Catam, Colline, Cri-Ze and Venus, who regularly participate in Art workshops through FAM, exhibit several of their works for the first time, under the mentorship of French artist Eric Massholder at the suggestion of Kamil and Caroline from KAG. The main objective was to allow them to express themselves through art enabling them to find a center of interest in their daily lives, thus exteriorizing their feelings through their artistic creations, proving that art heals.


Eric Massholder said that this experience represented a real human adventure for him, feeling proud of the work made with the artists, who despite coming from different universes and possessing diverse artistic skills, worked collectively to create something new. (In the photo Eric Massholder surrounded by all the artists standing by their collective artwork The Nice People @Frederic Nebinger)

According to Eric Massholder, The Nice People sculpture was born from his idea of finding a link between ground, recycling and ecology, where characters become a message of association, community where each of them transcends. Erasing all discriminations, we become a unit where we need each other in a communion of peace.

Art has the power to heal

Agnes H. born in Alger – “Paying tribute to beauty! Beauty transcends me. An internal peace of mind settles inside me and connects me to another place that invades me, moves me and elevates me. It saves me from my demons, from my diseases, and life’s obstacles.”

Bibal P. born in Paris – “The practice of art, makes an integral part of my life, drawing therapeutic virtues have helped me to develop myself.”

Catam born in Nice – “Thanks to this project, that gives me the possibility to express myself, I find strength, courage, and self steam that helps me to continue my life experiences, and let it go plus the intense pleasure it provides.”

Colline born in Montmorency – “Apart from the fact that creating is a escape from reality, I have discovered with surprise and pleasure, that I could make others dream.”

Crize born in Fontenay sous Bois – “Art was always a part of my route. It allows me to reflect on a particular moment in life, to express my sensibility.”

Venus born in Paris – “I recover little by little and thanks to art I gain self confidence.”

Exhibition open to the public until March 31, 2017

Expositive will be open to the public until March 31, 2017at Kamil Art Gallery, 3 Avenue Princesse Grace in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Don’t miss it!

Today’s Quote

“Art is a wound turned into light.” Georges Braque


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