Students joined Princess Charlene & Alain Bernard for Water Safety Day in Monaco

Put an end to drowning a leading killer

Drowning is a leading cause of death worldwide, but prevention is possible. Princess Charlene, who as a former Olympic swimmer is like a fish in the water, is very serious about drowning prevention, a cause that became her life’s mission and that she pursues relentlessly through her Foundation, helping spread the word about water safety.

This past Monday, June 12, 2017, there was a red-tide phenomenon on Larvotto beach when around 50 college students, wearing Princess Charlene Foundation red t-shirts, joined the Princess, French Olympic swimmer Alain Bernard (won medals in Beijing 2008 and London 2012), and the Monaco Aquatic Rescue Center Director Pierre Frolla, on the Larvotto beach to participate in water safety drills.

Perfect timing as the summer season is just beginning, and as the weather heats up more children head out into the sea and swimming pools, so it is important for parents to be on alert, and for children to learn to swim from a very young age, even before learning to walk! During Water Safety Day children and adolescents learned how to be safe in the water and practiced water rescue techniques, including CPR, that would one day enable them to save others in danger of drowning. Working alongside two Olympic swimmers was a real inspiration and provided encouragement for them to became become savvy in the water and pass on their knowledge to others, and together put an end to drowning.

WHO Global Report on Drowning  Today’s Quote

“Trying to get more kids to be water safe – we lose too many kids in the water every year.” Alain Bernard


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