The charity race Monaco No Finish Line went past the stars breaking all records for the welfare of children

Prince Albert present at No Finish Line closing

This past Sunday, November 19, 2017, during the celebration of the National Day in Monaco, and after 8 days, the No Finish Line culminated breaking all records! With 12,967 caring souls running or walking a total of 436,963 km surpassing the objective of covering the distance to the Stars, with a total a mount of Euros 436,963 raised (at the rate of 1km = 1 Euro) that the association Children & Future will dedicate to finance projects in support of underprivileged children. The NFL keeps breaking records in the name of children. Since the debut of the NFL, Children & Future has raised a total Euro 3,5 millions.

One more time, this course made of generosity and love was a resounding success, thanks to the number of participants, added to time investment of cheerful hard working volunteers and the loyal support from sponsors.

Prince Albert II, who participated in the course as he does year after year since its inception in 1999, took time from his busy schedule and was present at the closing of this year’s circuit. There were 367 accomplished teams participating this year, plus the individuals pursing personal challenges, and the experience runners who see in the NFL a highly anticipated sportive event. Together united for a common cause!

Every participant is a winner in solidarity race

Below are some sports results from the solidarity race, but I want to emphasize that every participant is a winner, because each one of them gave their time and effort to raise funds for the children and bring smiles where there were tears. Bravo to everybody who got involved!



  1. The Prince’s Cup went to Fausto Parigi with 1026 km, who is the 5th runner to have gone over the 1000 km since the creation of the NFL. He is also the 2nd non-French runner to have won the course after 18 years. But the absolut record of the NFL is 1041 km in 2012, has still not been broken!
  2. Didier Sessegolo with 1000 km (Former winner in 2016)
  3. Robert Miorin with 924 km


  1. First female in 8th general classification: Mimi Chevillon – 794 km (already winner in 2015 and 2016)
  2. Sonia Lutterotti with 683 km
  3. Pascale Pasquier with 658 Km


  1. M.I. Monaco with 14,797 km
  2. Barclays Bank Monaco & Fight Aids Monaco with 10,321 km
  3. JB Pastor & Fils with 11,560 Km

During the NFL, an homologue course “the 24-hour runners” reserved to experienced runners, that went from Saturday, November 18/09:00 to 9:00 to Sunday, November 19/09:00, registered in the official calendar of the French Athletic Federation, broke a new record among the 166 runners registered in both the 100 individuals and the 11 teams of 6 in relay.


  1. Amine Youness (Moroccan) with 202km
  2. Philippe Pastor with 192 km
  3. Roberto Dagati with 187 km


  1. Emilia Rais (Switzerland) with 187 km
  2. Sandra Brown with 181 km
  3. Maddalena Lanzilotti with 174 km


  1. Barclays with 332 km
  2. Wee Jog with 321 Km
  3. Vinci with 298 km

Mark your calendars for November 2018

The 19th edition of the NFL will take place again in November 12018 again in Fontvieille by popular support and with new records to be broken! Exact date to be unveiled in the near future.

Today’s Quote

“We only have what we give.” Isabell Allende


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