Karl E. Landler joins cast of “Une famille formidable” on TF1 celebrating the popular series 25th anniversary

Funny romantic love triangle

The evening of Tuesday, November 28, 2017, tune in on TF1, for  the launching of season 14 of the series Une Famille Formidable, and will be dedicated to the trio: Bruno (Karl E. Landler), Julien (Alexandre Thibault), and Audrey (Cecile Caillaud). (Photo insert: Karl E. Landler @Nicolas J. Reid) 

Bruno and Julian agree to be persuaded by Audrey to live in a threesome couple. The two brothers overwhelmed by the situation solicit the help of Jacques, played by known French actor Bernard Lecoq who was in Monte-Carlo this year during the TV Festival.

Une famille formidable that in English would translate to A Wonderful Family, is a French romantic comedy television series broadcast since 1992. It follows a family as they grow up, and the cast has remained unchanged, that is really unusual for a program running for so many years. For its 25th anniversary a new actor joins the cast, Karl E. Landler as Bruno Viguier.

Bernard Lecoq and Joel Santoni met Karl after the filming of the series season 13 where he had a small participation in one of the episodes to congratulate him for his work, and tell him that they wanted to develop his role for season 14. “I was in heaven! It is great when your work is appreciated!” Karl said enthusiastically.

Karl added: “There is a real freedom on the set. Alexandre (Thibault) who plays my brother Julien in the series is extremely generous in his acting generating a veritable complicity. We created a very particular duo, Laurel & Hardy revisited and not than clever of the Beaumont brothers (laughing). You add to that the sheer madness of Audrey played by Cecile Caillaud and you get really funny situations. Episodes not to be missed!”

Karl affirms that Anny Duperey and Bernard Lecoq really behave like children. In one of the scenes where Anny’s character surprises Bruno (played by Karl) in the shower, her reaction was filmed after the shooting of Karl’s scene. Karl said: “Anny came to see me with a wide smile in her lips and told me: “When you will see my reaction in the episode you will thank me, and after that you will be able to find a girlfriend very easily” and burst in laughter! A very familiar shooting!” 

The new episode promises to make you laugh, and laughing is healing!

Live on Twitter and Facebook from Los Angeles

Karl E. Landler will be live on Twitter on Tuesday, November 28 during the airing of the 14th episode of Une Famille  Formidable on TF1, with the audience using the #BrunoUFF hashtag, and right after on his Facebook official page @karlelandlerofficial for a live video talking directly with his fans. Karl will be watching the episode from Los Angeles where he is getting ready to shoot two mini series: 1) Riley Parra season 2 from Tello Films directed by Christin Backer starring Marem Hassler. 2) The comedy Crazy Bitches directed by Jane Clark.

Interviewing Karl in Monte-Carlo

I first interviewed Karl in 2014 when he was in Monaco for a few days. We talked about life, dreams and projects and how he went from national gymnast to action hero working in films and TV series.(Photo insert: Karl E. Landler at the American Bar in Monaco May 2014 @CelinaLafuentedeLavotha)

Multifaceted actor, Karl has performed in several TV series, like Profilage, Alice Nevers, Section De Recherche, and collaborated with Jean Marc Barr, as well as his career within l’Ecurie Luc Bessons. Without forgetting his debuts as director in the short film “DuO” 2015, that obtained more than 30 prizes, Sitting Duck 2017, produced by the Societe Europeenne de Production, and the preparation of his first feature as director “Quick Sand.”

In his final message in the interview Karl said: “Be a dreamer! Stay focused on what you want no matter what anyone thinks, because you’re the only one in charge of your life. I have a tendency to do what I want, which makes my life really challenging, but it keeps your mind sharp, and ready for the next big move.”

This is a new exciting move for this accomplished actor and we wish him all the success!

Today’s Quote

“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious.” Peter Ustinov

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