MOMIX shared its magic with the Monegasque public on a whimsical & fantastic voyage to the land of illusion

Viva Momix Forever is a celebration of the company and its public

The Salle Prince Pierre at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco was packed yesterday, Sunday, December 17, 2017, for the final performance of Viva Momix Forever, a unique visual and musical experience, presented in the framework of the Monaco Dance Forum. The enthusiastic public was in awe after every scene, giving the dancers a standing ovation, surely remaining in a dream world long after they left the theater.

Known internationally for presenting works of astounding creativity and physical beauty, MOMIX is an American company of dancer-illusionist founded and directed by charismatic choreographer and dancer Moses Pendleton in 1981. Each production focuses not only on the beauty of the human form, but also the beauty of nature, music, scenography, and life itself. Pendleton choreographs dance sculptures that bring together acrobatics, gymnastics, mime, props and film, taking his inspiration from the natural world, plants, animals and even minerals. He states: “We are less of a dance company than a physical, visual theater, using props and costumes to create fascinating pictures.”

Viva Momix Forever was created in 2015 for their 35th anniversary featuring the most important scenes performed around the world, an incredible and spectacular collection of Moses Pendleton most iconic and significant choreographies spanning over three decades of the company’s existence. From the very first creations such as Momix Classics, Passion, Baseball, Opus Cactus, Lunar Sea, to the most recent ones such as Botanica or the enormously successful Alchemia that brings the audience into an enchanting, magical, ethereal, dream world, Viva Momix Forever is a celebration between Momix and its public, a perfect couple that loves to play together, amuse themselves, and be moved, touching two generations. Inviting the older ones remember and the younger ones discover.

After more than 37 years, the Momix company of dancers-athletes-illusionists, create a world of surrealistic images using scenic structures, lights, 3D images, shadows, humor and the human body. The secret resides in the dreamlike capacity to blend fiction and reality, optic illusion and scenic veracity: the spectator is transported to the farthest reaches of reality, of the imaginable and credible. 

Today’s Quote

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures.” Voltaire


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