Monaco Basket won Leaders Cup 2018 by defeating Le Mans in Disneyland Paris

Roca Team triple winner of the Mickey Cup

The As Monaco Basket Roca Team made a trip to Disneyland Paris this past Sunday, February 18, 2018, but not to visit the amusement park but to compete in the Disney Event Arena. The Roca Boys, under the excellent professional coaching of Zvezdan Mitrovic, defeated Le Mans in the final of the Leaders Cup, 83-78, a hat-trick victory!

The match had a bad start for the Monegasques, but they pushed ahead, fought hard and turned the tables in their favor, finishing their work in total control. It was a great revenge over Le Mans after two defeats in the Championship. Cooper had a superb match after coming out of the shadows in previous matches.

After three seasons of entering the Pro A, after a quart of a century in the lower divisions, Monaco has not lost a match in Disneyland Paris. The triple winner of the “Mickey Cup” counts 9 victories in as many matches. It will be necessary to keep the same dynamic to qualify for the Final Four of the BCL and keep on top of the ladder in the Pro A classification.

Today’s Quote

“How good can we expect to be if our best player is not our best teammate.” Brad Stevens


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