Entrepreneurial businesswomen in Monaco honored association’s world president Marie-Christine Oghly

First French woman elected as top leader of FCEM

The association Femmes Chefs d’Entreprise de Monaco – AFCEM, (Entrepreneurial Businesswomen Association), presided by Hilde Haneuse-Heye, welcomed the world’s association new president Marie-Christine Oghly, during February 15-16, 2018 at the Fairmont Hotel in Monte-Carlo. (Photo insert: Marie-Christine Oghly making a presentation in Monaco @Philippe Fitte)

Marie-Christine Oghly, is originally from the cultural and historical region of Lorraine in north-eastern France bordering Belgium, and this is the first time in the history of this association that a French woman is the top leader, succeeding the Italian Laura Frati-Gucci.

Oghly, had been elected President of the Femmes Chef’s d’Entreprise Mondiales (World Entrepreneurial Businesswomen), in March 2017 in the Principality during the FECM’s committee meeting, and officially appointed in November of that year during the AFCE’s World Congress in Rome. Oghly is a brilliant and accomplished businesswoman who has an ambitious plan for the association she presides.

FCEM is the pioneer association uniting business owners from all over the world. Yvonne Foinant, founded the association in France, in 1945 at the end of WWII, just a few months before the creation of the United Nations. The association spread quickly into other European countries and today it counts over 5 million members, representing 120 countries in the 5 continents, bringing together in solidarity and friendship, like-minded women who share entrepreneurship as their common interest.

Ambassadors confirm their support to entrepreneurial women

The first day was entirely dedicated to Marie-Christine Oghly meeting the Monaco members who introduced themselves, explaining their position within the association and their professional career, and had the opportunity to partake with their world president, culminating with dinner together.

Hilde Haneuse-Heye, President of AFCEM, and her executive board took the opportunity to honour the Monegasque association’s doyen Anna Amalberti, founder of the Papeterie de Monaco, who recently retired at 96 year’s young. Joelle Baccialon past President of AFCEM, was in turn congratulated for her nomination to the position of Vice-President of FCEM in charge of Europe.

Among the prestigious invited diplomats at the meeting were: of H.E. Marine de Carne de Trécesson de Coëtlogon, Ambassador of France in Monaco; H.E. Patrick Médecin, Ambassador of Japon in Monaco; H.E. Mireille Pettiti, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Monaco; H.E. Cristiano Gallo, Ambassador of Italy in Monaco; as well Vladimir Semenikhin, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Monaco and his wife Ekaterina Semenikhina, Honorary Consul of Russia in Monaco. The day after AFCEM welcomed H.E. Catherine Fautrier, Ambassador of China & Australia in Monaco, and Jean-Claude Eude, Honorary Consul of Latvia in Monaco. They all contributed to the meeting by assuring the AFCEM members of their support and assistance in reference to the countries they represent diplomatically, notably regarding the upcoming FCEM World Congress in Russia in 2018.

An ambitious and progressive agenda

Businesswomen from Italy and France including Claudia Torlasco, President of the FCE Italian association, joined the AFCEM members at the Fairmont the following day.

Marie-Christine Oghly exposed her new ambitious program for the association she presides, praising those who preceded her and promising to advance FCEM around the world even further, in support of the millions of accomplished members that are the association’s strength, true to their original motto: “Alone with are invisible. Together we are invincible”.(Photo insert: Marie-Christine Oghly @Philippe Fitte)

She took the opportunity to announce the creation of a new commission within FCEM to handle Ethic and Protocol, to be lead by Cinzia Cicolella, vice-president of the Monegasque association AFCEM. (Photo insert: Emmanuelle Bouvet and Cinzia Cicolella @Philippe Fitte)

Furthermore, the new president proceeded to announce the dates and sites for the association’s future meetings, while inviting members in all countries to present their candidates for the Yearly Awards in New York.

  • New York, USA – April 2018
  • Moscow & Saint Petersburg, Russia – October 2018
  • Armenia & Peru – 2019
  • Republic of China & Turkey – 2020

Monegasque institutions collaborate with AFCEM 

Several important personalities tied to Monaco’s economic field took the stage and all took turns in explaining the functioning of their respective organizations, as well as confirming their objective to collaborate with AFCEM; Philippe Ortelli, President of Federation des Entreprises Monegasques (FEDEM) and Vice-president of Monaco Economic Board (MEB); Laurence Garino, Director of Monaco Welcome Office (MWO); Fabrice Marquet, Director of Monacotech (startup incubator); and Olena Sullivan-Prykhodko, President of the Jeune Chambre Economique de Monaco (JCE).

The highly interactive meeting culminated with lunch in a very friendly atmosphere.The AFCEM members gave their farewell to Marie-Christine Oghly with a promise to meet again very soon at one of the upcoming meetings.

Today’s Quote

The motto of the FCE association is:“Seules nous somes invisibles. Ensemble nous sommes invincibles.”  In English Alone we are invisible. Together we are invincible.”


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