Ball of Venice brought the splendor & culture of La Serenissima to Monaco

The Salle des Etoiles was transformed into a Venetian Palace 

During the ongoing Carnival season in Europe, the Principality hosted the 2nd edition of the Grand Masked Ball of Venice in Monte-Carlo in the splendid Salle des Etoiles, on Saturday, February 17, 2018, under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II, and the support of the Tourist Office and the Monaco Town Hall. Guests dressed in period costumes and Venetian masks enjoyed a voyage back in time to the sumptuous Venetian banquets organized by the nobility, during a magical evening, honoring the culture of La Serenissima.

The elegant women and handsome men dressed in flamboyant costumes from the famous Nicolao Atelier a true label of excellence in Venice, behaving misteriously hiding their identity behind elaborate masks, felt like royalty upon their arrival to the magnificent Salle des Etoiles, admiring the decorations on the stage, the beautifully decorated tables, and taking in the lavish ambiance.

The revelers enjoyed a delicious gourmet dinner at candlelight, music and dancing and a spectacular show with over 70 celebrated professional artists who came specially from Venice for the Ball.

The evening reached its peak at exactly midnight, when they introduced the Doge of Venice and his cohort in an allegoric Royal Entry, with Casanova inviting guests to join them at the dance floor.

As it is customary with this kind of social gatherings in the Principality, there was tombola of attractive items offered by generous donors, where the proceeds of Euro 5,000 raised will be reversed to the Princess Charlene Home for Children which objective is the protection of minors in difficulties. Bravo!

The Grand Masked Ball counts with the main sponsorship since its inception of “Distinction Fine Armagnac”, represented by Scottish Kenneth J. McLachlan and a growing number of other partners and supporters.

Today’s Quote

“Masks reveal. They don’t conceal. Masks reveal your cravings, your passion, your deepest most secret desires.” Chloe Thurlow


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