5th edition of Ladies Vintage Charity Rally organized by Child CARE Monaco raised €15,000

Classy ladies on board classic cars for a great cause

The 5th edition of the Ladies Vintage Charity Rally got underway after breakfast at the legendary Café de Paris in the Casino Square of Monte-Carlo on a sunny Sunday morning September 16, 2018. This traditional annual ladies-only event was organized by Child CARE Monaco, Charity Association for the Right to Education, created by Martine Ackermann. (Photo below: All the participating in the 2018 rally on the steps of the Hotel de Paris in the Casino Square in Monte-Carlo before the departure @CCM).

Around 85 Elegant Ladies dressed respecting this year’s theme of “Stripes Nautical Outfit”, got behind the wheel of their Classic Cars. The fabulous vehicles – Ferraris, Porches, Morgan’s, Citroën DS Cabriolet Chapron – were generously supplied by Fabrice Leroy, owner of Rent a Classic Car in Nice, southern Europe’s largest private collection of vintage cars, and who is a longtime partner of the association.

The colorful and joyful group of women departed on the direction of the Lerins Islands via the picturesque Mediterranean seaside. On arrival they enjoyed lunch on the Bazaine Tower in the Saint Margarita Island.

The return was by boat towards the Art School in Vallauris with an incredible welcome by Mr Philippe Mottier, Vallauris Tourism Director and his team, for a visit of the Espace Grandjean followed by a visit of Espace Madoura where Picasso had created his famous ceramics. The visit culminated with a sumptuous classic teatime with biscuits and other delicacies specially made by the village artisans.

Soon after, the jolly drivers continued back to Monaco, arriving at the Prince’s Palace Square to the tunes of the Orchestra of the Carabiniers of the Prince. The distinguished reception committee was composed of: Jacques Boisson, Secretary of State, Stephane Valeri, President of the National Council, Patrice Cellario, Minister of Interior and Culture, Jacques Pastor, Town Hall Deputy and Gery Mestre, President of the Cars Collection Commission of the Automobile Club of Monaco.

€15,000 raised to benefit girls’ school in India

The amount raised totaled €15,000 that will enable the association to build a community clinic at the SNEH Girls School in Tresta Village in Rajasthan, India, among other projects. Built in 2015 by Child CARE Monaco, the school welcomes 110 students. The funds collected last year allowed for the complete refurbishment of the school kitchen, the construction of a guardian lodge plus space to park the bicycles.

It was five years ago in 2012, that Martine Ackermann (see photo insert) created the not-for-profit association with the objective to offer education to underprivileged children all over the world. This solidarity spirit is indispensable to advance worthwhile projects. In her discourse a very enthusiastic Martine Ackermann said: “The world today is certainly not a paradise but each act of solidarity contributes to improve it. I leave for India in a few weeks together with Annie Battaglia and will be assisted by two students from Terminal S, Carla Ackermann of FANB and Jan Toullec from Lycee Albert II, who will complete a humanitarian mission on site.” Martine and her team wish to thank all the participants and partners for their involvement and loyal support. It takes a village like they say!

Together we can make a difference

You may also help by making a donation to Child CARE Monaco, or sponsoring a child age 5 to 13 for €149 per year, which covers one school term, two meals a day, basic medical needs and the school uniform. You may also participate in their annual Fundraising Gala Dinner, scheduled for Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 19:00 at the Salon Bellevue of the Café de Paris in the Casino Square, the heart of Monte-Carlo.

Today’s Quote

“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai



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