SheCanHeCan committed to end gender stereotypes delivered powerful message at Yacht Investor Days

Encouraging girls to take leadership roles

During the Monaco Yacht Show that ran September 25-28, 2018, a myriad of gatherings took place all over the Principality. The Monegasque non-profit association SheCanHeCan participated in the Yacht Investor Days at ’39 Club Monte Carlo’, hosted by Investor Media, a boutique media group based in London and Monaco, to deliver their message on empowering girls to an enthusiastic and progressive audience.

SheCanHeCan,formerly known as GenderHopes (2011), was created by Monegasque resident Vibeke Brask-Thomsen, and supported by a team of two highly accomplished women: Kasey Robinson and Belinda Ogden. It is a Monaco-based association whose main objective is to support and encourage girls to take on leadership roles. Their missions are aimed at encouraging children to reach their full potential independent of social stereotypes such as their gender. They also strive to balance history by highlighting the achievements of female leaders.

You Can help!  

SheCanHeCan regularly organizes multiple programs to spread their message, such as Parent-Child Book Club, Leadership Workshops, International Day of the Girl, Ending Domestic Violence, and more.

For more information, please consult their website, SheCanHeCan, and we invite you to consider making a donation to help them achieve their noble mission.

Today’s Quote

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” Kofi Annan


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