INDART first edition raised funds to benefit charity associations in Monaco & Italy

Art at the service of health

The first edition of INDART – Industries Join Art – was launched from September 6-23, 2018 with an exhibition at the Orangerie de la Villa Reale in Monza, Italy, culminating with a fundraising dinner benefiting the Comitato Maria Letizia Vega for the research and treatment of child leukemia. The exhibition later travelled to the Principality and was installed at the Kamil Art Gallery in Monaco from September 28 through October 5, crowning the last day with a Gala dinner and Charity Auction lead by expert Francois Tajan, at the Yacht Club of Monaco, raising Euro 86,500 to be shared between the association in Italy and Fight Aids Monaco, in the presence of its president HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Two charity associations recognized for their actions at an international level.

This innovative project was created to mobilize artistic production and the culture of philanthropy tied to the industrial fiber of a country. The event that started in Italy and then continued in Monaco, presented an exhibition featuring around twenty contemporary artists associated to ten Italian enterprises of excellence, and thanks to their talents and creativity transformed recycled materials into real works of art, so that the first edition had the stamp of the “Made in Italy”. Raw materials such us aluminum, fabric, Plexiglas, paper, steel, rubber and glass were metamorphosed by the artists into paintings, collages, sculptures – all unique pieces created for this special occasion.

The selection of the artists was confided to a Scientific Committee of personalities from the art world such us: Flavio Arensi, Valerio Deho, Alberto Fiz, Franco Marrocco and Elena Pontiggia. The artists were: Giovanni Abanese, Arcangelo, Maurizio Cannavacciuolo, Anna Caruso, Tommaso Cascella, Aldo Damioli, Ulrich Egger, Massimiliano Galliani, Omar Galliani, Giuseppe Gallo, Paolo Grassino, Riccardo Gusmaroli, Elio Marchegiani, Matteo Negri, Gianni Piacentino, Roberto Pugliese, Rosa Maria Rinaldi, Giampaolo Truffa, Luca Vernizzi, Dany Vescovi.

Today’s Quote

“When artists give from to revelation, their art can advance, deepen and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.” Alex Grey


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