GemlucArt celebrates 10th anniversary with grand cru exhibition

Raising funds for medical research through creative expression

GemlucArt Monaco celebrates its 10thAnniversary, from October 8- 21, 2018, at the Rainier III Auditorium in Monaco turned into a wide-ranging Contemporary Art Exhibition, showcasing over a hundred local and international talented artists committed with their hearts and souls to the fight against cancer. GemlucArt counts with the loyal continuous support of Georges Marsan, the progressive Mayor of Monaco. (Photo below:Laurence Garbatini with Georges Marsan GemlucArt 2018 @CelinaLafuentedeLavotha)

The theme this year was: “1984 – le jour de mes 10 ans je regarde demain”, that would translate to “1984 – the day of my 10thbirthday, I look to tomorrow”, asubject that elicits resilience and profound hopes for the future, a ray of sun in a world that at times feels alarming. GemlucArt has become a prestigious annual artistic exhibition, but also an important fundraiser, thanks to all those generous art lovers who purchase the unique artworks exhibited.

An exceptional Jury

GemlucArt gains in prestige every year, thanks to the participation of talented artists from different countries, a prestigious international jury of museum curators and art critics that selected the best artworks of the 2018 edition, and a highly professional organizing team that worked days and nights succeeding in assembling a high quality exposition. Their efforts have not been in vain and the results are evident, as the exhibition has become so good nobody wants to miss it, let it be artists, art lovers and collectors alike, gaining prominence in the art calendar in the Principality.

Members of the Jury GemlucArt 2018

  • Jean-Pierre Pastor, President of the Jury
  • Georges Marsan, Monaco Mayor, Vice-President of the Jury)
  • Maurice Gaziello, Vice-President Gemluc
  • Eric Heremans, Administrator Gemluc
  • Countess Helen Selikowitz Modini
  • Guillaume Rapin
  • Evegenia Khaldey
  • Jacques Renoir
  • Michele Beddington
  • Francois-Xavier Ciais
  • Franck Michel
  • Ondine Roman
  • Albert Croesi
  • Gabriele Tagi

GemlucArt Organization Team

  • Doctor Beatrice Brych (President of GEMLUC)
  • Laurence Garbatini – General Director GemlucArt
  • Yvon Kergal – GemlucArt Exhibition’s Curator

The highly qualified members of the jury had no easy job to select the winners of the 9thedition of GemlucArt, among the many works of art submitted by talented local and international artists. But after a careful and lengthy deliberation several artists were awarded the important the much desired prizes, with passionate and moving presentations by the artists, in a friendly atmosphere that characterizes this one-of-a-kind annual art gathering.

Below is the list of winners with their artworks and the prizes they received during the Official Awards Ceremony that took place on October 16 at a packed Auditorium Rainier III, in the presence of members of the Jury, generous loyal sponsors and partners and an ever growing enthusiastic public.

The Winners of GemlucArt 2018

Olamboray, Belgium/Indonesia, “Loosing your innocence” GemlucArt Grand Prize – An exhibition in Monaco

Helena Di Giovanni, France, “Communion”– Special Sculpture Prize– 15 days exhibition at Beddington Fine Art Gallery

Sebastien Dubois, France, “Love, war: both” Jury Prize– Exhibition at the Atelier Franck Michel Gallery

Aurelie Mangano, France, “Slingshot” – Special Jury Prize – Exhibition at Novotel Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Anne Foesser, France, “Priscilla” –Theme Prize– Personalized E-catalogue of 22 pages

Bart Ramakers, Belgium, “Conformat or Complied”-Photography Prize– E-catalogue of 22 pages

Charlie Wayne, France,“Little brothers are watching us”– Focus Prize– E-catalogue of 22 pages

Stephan Paul, UK/USA, “The Desert” & Herve NYS, France, “Big Bend”, ex-aequo– Favorite Prize / Coup de Coeur – E-catalogue of 22 pages

Sebastien Dubois, France,“Love, war: both”– ACA Prize– Focus on the artist on Art Cote D’Azur

Dan Gerbo, France,“COP 21” -Art-Planet Prize– Secret prize

Tina de Rubia, France, “S’X Crime”– Social network Prize

Claudio Boccella, Argentina, “Geometric chaos No. 5, Monaco”& Jane Sager, Switzerland – Generosity Prize ex-aequo

Herve-Laurent, Monaco, “When the forks pass by & The Nest” – Technical Prize

There is also the important Public Prize that was not still unveiled at the time we published this article. We will add the information when the winner is announced. The winner will be granted two exhibitions in international art fairs with Monteoliveto Gallery in Nice and Naples. (Photo below: Francoise Pianeta and Roselyne Rinaldi Bourcier, loyal collaborators of GemlucArt 2018 @CelinaLafuentedeLavotha)

Public Prize – Two exhibitions in international art fairs with Monteoliveto Gallery in Nice and Naples

Herve-Laurent, Monaco, “When the storks pass by & The Nest” 

Frederic Fortune, France, “Arcos”

Sandrine Schohn, France, “I look to tomorrow”

Featuring a selection of artists & their works

Below is a selection of some of the many artists who came from all over the world, posing by their creations. Some of them even dressed to match their creation. I wish I could include all participants, because they are all winners just by taking part in this solidarity exhibition, but you may visit the GemlucArt 2018 online catalogue to appreciate all the artworks exhibited.

Heartfelt thanks to loyal sponsors and partners

GemlucArt organizers want to express their heartfelt thanks to loyal sponsors and partners, because it is their continuous support that allows them to exist, continue to grow and raise funds for a great cause.

Mairie de Monaco, Monaco Direction du Tourisme et des Congres, Galerie Adriano Ribolzi Monaco, Monaco Economic Board, Heritage Properties & Heritage Construction, SMEG, MI, Galleria Monteoliveto, Novotel, Harwood Bros Luxury Real State, DCS Monaco, Multiprint Monaco, MonteCarloIn,MC Factory, Pitstop Monte-Carlo, Monaco Faconnage, Gramaglia, Studio Abba, Art Cote D’Azur, L’Atelier Franck Michel, ABClim, IDmediacannes, Societe Monegasque D’Assinissement, boss securite privee, Societe Nautique Monaco,   Beddington Fine Art, and  Monaco Reporter.

Organizers want to express their special thanks to partners and friends, Pierfranck P, Guillaume Rapin, Guillaume Barclay, David Cazaudumec, Axelle Comte, Remy Kergal, Odile Cauchy, Annette Forzani, Vanessa Buldalski and Francoise Pianeta.

When business meets art

GEMLUC(Monaco Group of Companies in the Fight Against Cancer) is a non-government charitable association created in 1973, presided by Dr. Beatrice Brych and under the Honorary presidency of H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Hanover. Through their annual charity contest-exhibition GemlucART, they raise funds for medical research to find a cure, purchase state of-the-art materials for hospitals, assist patients and their families, and create awareness about prevention, detection and care by drawing the public attention through the magic of artist expression.

Gemluc invites the public, increasing in number every year, to discover artists working in Monaco and those coming from different coins of the world, while creating awareness and raising funds for the fight to eradicate the devastating disease.

The organizers succeeded in making of this exhibition a landmark both in terms of contemporary art as well as innovation in fundraising, together with their annual fundraising dinner “Soiree de l’Espoir” at the Automobile Club of Monaco.

To help people suffering from the disease means also to help specialists so they have access to state-of-the-art material on the edge of technology, or funds to continue their research to find a cure. The Scientific Center in Monaco, and the Princess Grace Hospital Center benefited from financial donations by Gemluc during the last few years, as well as the Urology service of Dr. Herve Quintens. Their generosity extends beyond the frontiers of the Principality, such us the Antoine-Lacassagne center in Nice, France, receiving a donation to support medical studies not covered by public funds.

Mark your calendars for 2019

The theme for the 11th edition of GemlucART is: Silence, there is a rumour”, in FrenchSilence, bruit court”. I am sure the theme again will stimulate the creative expression of talented artists all over the planet.

Please mark your calendars for September 17-27, 2019.All those wishing to participate in 2019, please visit the GemlucArt websitefor information and registration.

See you next year!

(Photo: Celina Lafuente de Lavotha, Monaco Reporter, posing by the pierced Ferrari by Dan Gerbo, GemlucArt 2018@Yvon Kergal) 

Today’s Quote

“At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity.” Rachel Naomi, Remen, MD


3 thoughts on “GemlucArt celebrates 10th anniversary with grand cru exhibition

  1. Beautifully written capturing much of the magic of GEMLUCART. Not only clear and concise, but gracious and inclusive of everything and everyone involved with putting an event of such high calibre together. One can only imagine the “behind the scenes” hard work ( including this article) that has gone into this superb exhibition. The brilliance of it all was summed up with the profound and beautiful “Today’s quote” by Rachel Naoimi Remen, MD.


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